hello there,

i recently made an order with you but i have not received it. royal mail have told me they have delivered my item and i can see on their tracking that a totally different delivery office had made delivery however it was not to me.

i have been out today knocking on everyone's door down my road to see if they have seen this parcel but they have all said no. i am currently on hold to royal mail customer services, and although this is not your fault it is clearly royal mails i was wondering if you could find it in your heart to either send me the order out again or refund my money for the items i have attempted to purchase from you.

i can send over proof of the trouble i am having with royal mail if you would like to see it because i do have proof they have said so themselves that delivery has not been made to me so my guess is either someone has my vapes and are purposely not coming forward, the vapes have been lost or someone has just thought it would be funny to steal my parcel. i understand this is not fair on you as a company either but with Christmas around the corner i really cannot afford to have £25 thrown down the drain.

this is not the first time this has happened to me with royal mail, as i have also had a pandora bracelet go missing/ not turn up which was seventy pounds. i will 100% be taking this further as it is not on at all.

i really hope this all makes sense and that you can help me in any way at all.

thank you & kind regards

courtney baggott.

Location: Haddenham, England

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