He said he’d represent me! Kept saying he had the paper Work filed!

THEN he’d call saying oh me and my secretary at the time filled the wrong paper Work! He did this apparently 4 Times! Then he said it’s all ready! Was waiting for him to tell me results and then he hard blocked my phone!

He refused to take any calls or emails when I was waiting for him to do his *** JOB! His excuse of failing to file a restraining order and eviction notice of my room mate was that he didint want to represent me anymore due to fact I did not want to date him! Then he threatens me with police and fake accusations him and his family made up to keep me quiet! So basicly I got *** by mr dickerson!

Oh and he likes to withold possessions in case he needed to lure me back to the USA!

And when he showed hostility and I refused to put up with it he apparently got rid of all my possessions! *** {{Redacted}}

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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He has put a screen shot of him sending me a reply; which I never received. And his screen shot only recently showed up; which suggests to me he is scared, and covering his track’s!

His screen shot shows my name but I blocked him when I fled the country (USA) to escape him! I have PLENTIFUL evidence to prove this and how he trafficked me for years! And witnesses. I live under U.K law now.

And am not scared anymore to say my truth. He should go to jail; not because of only what he did to me but to everyone that he narcissisticly abused and robbed then blackmailed to keep his victims silent! (Victims are also his clients) I have very sensitive information about him and his family and how he stole everyone’s money to feed his 8 children and his ex wife’s. I want justice not only for me; but the family’s he hurt and lied to and never defended appropriately when paid to do his job which he showed complete incompetence for.

I didn’t just lose my home because of him; I’ll be sending everything to the ca bar asap!

Pray it helps and hope he will finally see his place! Behind bars!


I agree. It was a terrible experience.

I was notified that he couldn’t even return one call. In my case


He has refused to sign a substitute of attorney form for my case so I go to court on Oct 9and I’m not sure what’s going to happen he did not complete anything that he claims he did I filed a complaint with the state bar.

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