Latitude Group is a horrible company that does not take care of its employees. My husband managed for 4 months working from 9 am to 10 pm every day and 2 weeks before coming home found out they were not paying him for the work he had done because of "corporates" lack of communication on the poortly written contract.

My husband was the top sales rep and had the top office in the company. He has still not been paid, nor have his 15 guys. As far as the other two offices. I think the most paid was $1000 dollars.

Pretty lousy considering the pay scale shows that all of them should have made $8000 minimum. Do not work for Latitude unless you want to be screwed.

The owner Rob and Oz are real ***.

Location: Saint George, Utah

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Here it is 2021 and they are still screwing people. I have my yacht in there.

There for over 16 months. I prepaid the rent in case they needed time. They stalled on the work and no work is being done and now they want to evict me. That will cost me another 8500 to move it.

You think we can do a class action on them? Call me if you want.

253 380 ****. Eric


I don't get it. He worked there for 4 month and didn't get paid?

Who works that long and doesn't look for a paycheck. Honestly 4 months.

Don't most people get paid ever 2 weeks. Use your brain.

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