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I have had bad service from businesses in the past, but this is the first time I've had to file a police report. After bringing my car in for a wash and detail, I returned 5 hours later to find my car completely scratched so severely I was brought to tears.

When I called the damage out to the workers, I was told that the car was already damaged when I brought it in. This was said in spite of the fact that we looked at every side of the car prior to the detailing so I could call out the areas that needed to be cleaned (berry stains from the trees, etc.) And then of course the obvious; why on earth would anyone bring in a car that had extensive damage to be detailed? When I cited all this, I was laughed at and then offered bodywork services from their company at a cost. If there was already damage, why wouldn't they have offered that when I came in?

Obviously, there was no pre existing damage, that's why. After calling the police and filing a report, I reached out to the manager who offered to fix the damage at no cost. I was told that the deep scratches would be painted over with a brush (are we kidding?!) and that it would probably not match -in other words an equally bad repair job. I did not accept this ridiculous offer and will be filing a claim through the courts.

I should have read the numerous bad reviews before I brought the car into their shop and honestly don't understand how they're still in business. If you are considering using their services, don't do it!

From the reaction of the incredibly rude workers, my guess is that they've done this before and gotten away with it. I will pursue to the end and suggest you keep reading reviews and trust your car elsewhere.

Location: Newark, New Jersey

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