Did some extensive research online after receiving a sales brochure in the mail about an upcoming 1-day sale of lakefront property (7 acre lakefront properties @ $39,900). Seems that they are high pressure bait and switch con artists, according to some 100 or more complaints that I found on line.

People complain about being held hostage in meetings or agents' vehicles on site and won't take no for an answer. Apparently, they ask for credit card numbers and try to get folks to let them transfer funds from 401K accounts.

Many comparisons to used car salesmen and complaints that hired help at these "fire-sales" are not licensed real estate agents. Won't be going to that sale!

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I have been to many events, 4 in total. 1 was with another company and the rest have been with Lakewood.

I was never held hostage and they DO NOT take credit cards, and you CAN NOT transfer funds from a 401k that you're contributing to. It wasn't until the 4th event that my wife and I found exactly what we had been looking for. Great deals are made to be had, and people should ask questions; we asked a lot and that helped guide us to our property. First hand experience is the best source of information as they've always had what they advertised among other properties.

Also, the person that sold us the property showed us his real estate license. I only asked because I had been told the same thing.


They have an event taking place Saturday May 18th 2019 "between Nashville & Memphis TN". "3 acre Dockable Lakefront Estate only $39,900" My guess is somewhere on Kentucky Lake. I won't be blessing the event with my patronage.

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