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Attended a birthday party today and was flabbergasted at how rude, unprofessional the bubble lady was, to be honest she looked like she was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

The balloon guy said he didn't have time to make everyone a custom balloon animal so approximately 85% of the kids got swords and were extremely disappointed.

The bubble lady stepped on a child with her oversized Austin Power shoes and didn't apologize to her.

She used a vape pen to blow smoke into bubbles and even blew a large puff of smoke directly into a child's mouth who began to cough.

Even though drop sheets were placed on the floor there was a huge mess of bubble solution everywhere that parents were mopping up the floor.

As she was packing up her soaked, filthy, smelly drop cloths she was vigorously shaking them in the air.

The homeowners asked her not to do that as there was a table of food near her and she became very verbally aggressive and began to yell at the homeowners. The balloon guy also got involved and we had to take all the kids into the other room as to not hear the yelling and poor choice of words that were being used.

They were asked to leave the premises immediately and they refused.

The entertainers threatened the parents that were there asking them to leave.

Later that evening the bubble lady sent a threatening text message to the homeowners.

I have never seen something like this at a child's birthday party, this is no way to conduct yourself in front of children.

Absolutely disgusting...I will make sure to inform other parents not to use them in the future.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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