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Updated by user Oct 22, 2022

I forgot to add. I only want a refund of $233 if my account is canceled but they won't zero out my current balance of $233.

Original review updated by user Oct 22, 2022

Had a rep who stated she worked for AT&T/DirecTV (I didn't find out she was with u guys, the 3rd party until later.)She quoted $10/m for internet and free cable streaming cuz she was gonna give me her special discount.It started off horrible when the guy who was supposed to install my internet showed up with NO equipment,he stated he thought he was there to quote me prices.Next day another guy shows,doesnt have the right wiring has to come back another day.First bill was $155.She said installation was free but it wasnt and i was charged $100 for it.She said she would call to fix it.Then I got notified for late fee.This went on and on and I tried handling it myself but she said that only she can get my balance back down to $10 and I should stop calling them myself because it would mess things up on her end.Before I even had the service for 1 month,I wanted to cancel it because nothing was being done and I wasn't about to pay $155 for the 1st month when I was quoted 10/month.She told me to turn in the equipment and send her a pic of receipts proving that and that afterwards she will call and cancel my service and zero out my balance, so I did that.The next day she said she canceled it,I asked for a confirmation number and she said she would give it to me later cuz she was busy at work (even though this was work related).She only sent this confirmation number after I asked her on 3 different occasions.A week later I check my online ATT account, shows account is still open with a $155 balance.I decided to use the chat button on their website to talk to a rep on there.They gave me a phone number to call,when I called it,it wouldn't give me an option to speak to a person unless I paid my outstanding balance first.I told the rep that first quoted me that the account was still open and she acted shocked and said she would take care of it that day.Well, this went on with me getting emails from ATT and trying to get this rep to cancel my service for almost 2 whole months! Then, my balance went up to $223!

I sent her a message asking why it keeps going up if I don't even have their service anymore because I returned ALL of the equipment. She again, acted surprised and said she would take care of it and I would receive a letter stating the cancelation and my account would show a zero balance. She also mentioned to look out for an email stating this as well. Well, it didn't look like she did anything because later on my account showed it was still active with a $223 balance and i never got an email.

I sent her a message and let her know that. She never responded back. I decided to handle it myself (I should have done this in the beginning instead of listening to her) and I blocked her on my phone after that. I goggled online until I found a number for ATT where I could speak to an actual person.

A guy from ATT said I couldn't file a complaint about her through them because she works through u guys. He also said that he didn't see this so called confirmation number she gave me (likely cuz the account was still open/active still). So she just lied to me about that. The guy said my account was never closed just suspended which is why I kept getting an increase in my balance (because she never called to close it and apparently it wasn't documented on their end that I returned my equipment).

The guy said he canceled/closed my account and zeroed the balance. So far I received an email after that stating that they have received my equipment. Today I checked my account and it shows that its closed but still has a $223 balance, I'm hoping it will reflect $0 by next billing cycle so i can end this nightmare. I know the rep gets commission for every install they get (for you guys) and she told me they only get the commission after a person has had their account for at least 3 months.

My belief is that this rep that works for you was trying to purposely delay closing my account in hopes that it reaches the 3 month mark so she can get her commission first and THEN try to close the account for me. Cuz what she couldn't do for me in almost 2 months, took the guy I later spoke to over the phone to do in 30 minutes!! Worst customer service ever!! Horrible representation of your company.

And the only reason I found out she works for u guys and not ATT is because she accidentally slipped up when we were texting about this issue and told me. I only switched from original carrier to ATT because she had quoted me $10/m and i was tight on money! It was a headache from day one and even though I only used the service for under a month, the internet speed was also slower than what I was quoted as well as slower than what I was getting with my original carrier.

This reps full name is Sierra Skeleton and I believe she needs to be retrained and/or reprimanded and/or fired for doing this to potential customers! I would give u guys an overall 0 stars if that was an option!

User's recommendation: STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!

Monetary Loss: $233.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

KR Communications Cons: Scandalous reps.

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