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I am uterrly dissatisfied with your company that i once loved!!! My email on my account is: brooklynsmomma@***.com.

To start off--I have proof and screen shots from the other day i was told i was only going to be paying 62 dollars in four installments for my purchase.

i only had 95 dollars in my account. i was instead charged 129 dollars and it caused my account to be overdrafted. The whole point of your service is for people to be able to afford what they need. So now you not only over.charged me, but i also owe my bank.

At the time of purchase i also paid off in FULL another purchase i had made just a few days before. I CAN send over the documents and proof to you guys that i have. Nowhere did it state a different amount but i was overcharged. Also, i was told by 3 agents that day that the 129 amount was just a hold in my account and that i was going to be credited that half.

But now its showing that the 129 is the installment and i owe 40 after for 3 times. This is not what i signed up for!!! I want snd need this fixed i am a single mother trying to get my kid through school and what not. What you guys did is fraud.

You took money from my account that i unwillingly allowed and that i did not sign for that needs to be fixed plus i will NOT give up on this matter its completely unacceptable. Your whole purpose is to help people. Not overcharge them by saying and printing one thing and doing another.

You need to fix this and only charge me what i was originally told, what i have proof of you telling me asap!! I will continue to dispute this until it is fixed.

Thank you!

Chandra Haine


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Wow same thing happened to me! I paid for a pair f jeans fo $65 but somehow my owed amount is $85, shipping does not cost 20 so I’m not sure what the extra charge was so crazy

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