This is one of the worst paying jobs have ever had in my life. No pay raises, no holiday pay.

You can only be a part time employee and if you're part time you can only get 25 hours or less each week which really sucks. They had a meeting and asked what would bring more customers in. 1. Lower the damn prices, they too damn high.

2. Pay store associates higher wages and you wouldn't have to keep asking for help 3. Treat all associates fairly. Some associates are treated highly better than others and it sucks.

No one cares about you when you're out of work or anything. You are just a nobody to them basically unless you are working and providing for their benefit.

Managers their will let sick people work and spread germs to other not taking into consideration the other fellow workers. Retail businesses all are worried about the Almighty dollar.

User's recommendation: Find a better job.

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