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Kitchen Magic in Nazareth, PA would not take my kitchen remodel on be cause I am a single woman. I own my own home, and my name only is on the deed of the house.

KM said that they would not keep the appointment if my husband was not present. I explained that I am not married, and I would be the only person at the appointment. They refused to keep the appointment. I am very disappointed with Kitchen Magic.

They lost a customer and perhaps many more.

I believe that this business practice is sexist and so far off the mark. I could have expected this 50 years ago, but it should never happen now.

Location: Easton, Pennsylvania

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Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc only provides services in Maryland, Virginian & D.C.


I totally agree with you. That is ridiculous


still happening today---


This is not Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc. but a New Jersey based company called Kitchen Magic, Inc.

Neither company is a franchise or in nay way related.

Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc. only works in Maryland, DC and Virginia.


Did same to my wife. She made appointment yet when they called her cell to confirm they asked for me.

She explained that this was her phone, that she was the one who called, she is the one who made appointment, she will be one home and she will be taking quote in our behalf. They didn't say any problems with that. Few days later called her cell again, and again asked for me. This time I was home and wondering why do they keep asking for me?!?!.

Wife again advised this appointment made by her, she is who will be home and getting quote. Again they said nothing about that. They finally come yesterday and said won't give her quote without husband present. One of excuses they gave to her was "the husband handles the finance" !!?!?!?

This is not true in our household as I'm true it's not in others. We do things EQUALLY. I called to basically yell at them about this sexist comment and policy and they told me reason husband needs to be there is 'because out quotes are a bit complicated, and we show samples, it's a lot to it' AND?!?! My wife has a masters degree, meaning she has a higher education than I do with my bachelors....

Pretty sure she can handle a *** cabinet quote. But they said that reasoning at least three times on call before I simply hung up in disgust. Empire Flooring is similar in that they come over, measure, show samples, give quotes...

And they all did that without me present. I am shocked Kitchen Magic can have this stance and still be in business

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Again, This is not Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc. but Kitchen Magic, Inc.

based in New Jersey. Neither is either company a franchise or anyway related.

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I very been in sales and marketing for 20 years. This is typical for any company.

The are providing a free, no obligation quote. In exchange they are asking all homeowners to be present. Honestly, a company needs to generate revenue. They do this by making sales.

I'm sure your spouse is capable of making the decision but would she without you? Most likely the answer is no. What will usually happens is the person seeing everything will love it. Then this response will happen 9 out of 10 times, "I need to discuss it with my spouse".

Often things are forgotten or lost .

Even when they are not, the consultant will usually have to come a second time, free of charge, to again she the same thing again. When a company offers a free consultation it is normal to have criteria regarding what the company expects of the client receiving the free service.