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The office uses fear tactics to get people to re-sign up as a patient once your contract is over with them. They are using word terminology such as life and death as a motive to re-inlist you back again or to get you to come to the chiropractors office once you start.

These terms are being used at the dinner talks they have for new upcoming patients and in the office. They tell you if you dont want to be in the hospital for your illness then you should stay in there office. Staff members are being trained to use this vocabulary with the patients, it is scripted to say those things to patients who they're servicing. When staff members dont want to do it anymore and dont stick to the script of words, they get fired.

When for most people who go to the chiropactors office, theyre not dealing with a very far extreme case like dying. If thats the case they would just go to the emergency room. When they have you pay large amounts of money either upfront or on a payment plan, they do not allow you to pay on an appointment by appointment basis and so if you ask for a refund they tackle on all these hidden charges they dont explain to you intially during your appointment that your even paying for. It only becomes relevant once you choose to leave in between your year stay so you get back less money than what your expecting.

Kingdom Health and Wellness is also targeting minority group populations to attend there facility which can be taken as a civil rights issue when about 95% percent of the people who attend the facility are people of color even more so specifically most people there are African Descent, or African American. When the geographical location of the healthcare facility is located in Garden City, a predominately white populated community. If Black people were attending the facility along with White and Asain it would be perfectly understandable because then it would be a diverse population of people, but that doesnt occur at the facility. He's specifically going to inner communities in NYC, that have groups and congregations of black people to attract into his business.

When many of those people cant even afford to continue to go on a long term basis with such a pricey amount for the service. The former name of this buiness used to be called advanced holistic healthcare, which changed this past year, it is misleading because not everyone in the office is a holistic doctor. Holistic doctors deal with the whole body system. Some of the people in his office are just chiropractors that deal with the muscularskelatal system and so if you have a condition that doesnt fit in that category, but you were still informed by them that they can help you, you may not see any improvements in your condition, especially if you started before the buisness name change with the perception that this was a holistic doctors office.

The only one there thats really a holistic doctor there now is Dr. Ray and one other doctor. Also, this is a christian based facility, you will see biblical scriptures on the walls, praise and worship music being played on the TVs when you walk in the office, the personailities of the staff are upbeat and cheerful, and managers are praying over there patients. That is the perception you get being there and its sad and discouraging to hear his very own staff explain that Dr.

Ray is all about money and that he doesnt care very much about the people in the office and that its all a facade. Its misleading because the christain faith is about charity and giving back to others. My hope is that his money stategies are not about taking large bodies of people from the church only to build his buisness. You do have to make money for a buisness but its how you go about it that makes a difference.

You may possibly find a similar correlation of issues in his christain chiropractic group he is apart of that basically do the same thing he does where they mix christainity with chiropracting. My personal opinion I do not believe money is all he cares about but his staff inform his patients something different. Dr. Ray also makes commitments to see patients and then does not always follow through with those scheduled appointments, with no warning that he is going to cancel your appointment, from him or his staff.

Patients come to the front desk with emails sent from him about there upcoming appointments he's supposed to attend and then he's not there. According to what others have said, he doesnt show up for his patients like he's supposed to.

Preferred solution: For everyone to be treated respectfully and for the christain enviornment to not just be about money..

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