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I am a former manager for Kindercare Learning Centers (also known as Knowledge Learning Corp) and am very upset with the way they run their company.

Kindercare is very involved in the March of Dimes and I commend them highly for that but....starting last year Kindercare stopped offering Teacher Appreciation Week. Their reason for this is, Teacher Appreciation Week falls on the same week that KinderCare starts pushing for donations for March of Dimes.

The company does not want the parents to spend money on the teachers, instead donate the money to March of Dimes. Let me make this very clear, March of Dimes has NOTHING to do with Kindercare stopping Teacher Appreciation week! I am a HUGE supporter of March of Dimes but this is way out of line.

Teachers should be rewarded (even if it is just a card and a nice "Thank You") for their hard work and dedication to the children.

After my insisting that this be changed and going against company policy and promoting Teacher Appreciation week, I was "let go" from the company. Kindercare's only concern is money, not the children.

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304 of 304 Kindercare reviews

Jun 22, 2015 #998242

I ended up working at a kindercare center for three days and quit. Does anyone know if I will be paid for those three days or no?

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Parent Who Sees Under Facade

Sep 21, 2012 #545391

Unfortunately, here in Indiana, the director of the Fort Wayne location looks drunk a lot of times like she's had a bad night. It's hard to talk with her because she's not all there, like she's on something. It's really scary. I just talk with the staff if I have any concerns because the director is really not there most of the time. She's usually all about the money, and seems to have an attitude of her way or the highway with the families especially. I've noticed a total of five families leave the daycare in months. It's sad that my little girl builds relationships with the kids and they suddenly disappear when things go bad there. The director is an actual teacher that has a degree, but she's not all there. It's always been a concern of mine, but I don't want to take my daughter out because she's used to the place. I am afraid something bad will happen there with this type of behavior from the director.

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Miss Informed

Jul 19, 2012 #515950

KinderCare STILL has teacher appreciation week!! It never went away. Our building has hosted this appreciation every year along with the March of Dimes.

Employees do get raises and laws are followed. It sounds like a few unfortunate experiences. It is not the company as this could happen at any facility. It is the people inside the facility that make the difference.

I have worked for multiple preschools and even the "cream of the crop" facilitates have issues with staff and parents.

It is the people inside that count and make a program succeed and fail. The KinderCare company has wonderful beliefs and values. They have done so much positive for children and families. It is too bad not all people have the loving, supportive, teaching values as well.

I am very sorry for some negative experiences as no one or nothing is perfect.

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Feb 13, 2013 #608446

You must be part of the higher ups pretending! I've worked for Kindercare 23 years. My whole region does not do teacher appreciation anymore. Let alone a raise over 5 cents. Haven't had a raise in 6 years! Money, money, money is all k.c. Is about! :( a FEW bad reviews??? Look on you will find tons of bad reviews!

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Current Employee (Obviously a

Mar 30, 2012 #458469

To "Cook"
At least In Indiana, it is against state licensing for the person who prepares the food to not change diapers until their duties are finished in the kitchen. And, as far a ratios, at any other job, it would be good management for your employer to utilize all their employees. This is called teamwork. And to "inspector gadget" You obviously haven't been in management before because there is much more involved than what you realize. Instead of being responsible for one group of children like you are as a teacher, the management is responsible for every child, every staff member, and every parent in the school. They have to put up with the lazy staff members who don't do their jobs, collect and process payments, do paperwork for accreditation, train you, fill in for teachers, and the list goes on. Teachers only deal with their group of children. That's it. If you have the mentality that management has it easy, maybe you are in the wrong profession because you obviously aren't there for the kids!

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Kindercare Employee that Quit

Nov 11, 2011 #372949

I work for Kindercare and honestly they are greedy they refuse to give a raise to employees and call the down very bad if it's not all there way it's the highway very bad district manager in training at the Westminster location she's very rude and mistreates her employees I quit because of it I would never send my son here the inconstancy is not ok

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Oct 17, 2011 #360276

I have been with Kindercare in the Appleton, WI area for 13 years. I am proud of were I work, my coworkers, and the director I work for.
I am there for the children and not the money and not an Appreciation week. I know that the parents appreciate us and what we do and to me that is great. :grin

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Oct 02, 2011 #352825

I worked at Kindercare in Eden Prairie, MN. from 4/2011-9/2011, as the cook. When I started here I was told that on my first day I was going to be shadowing the ***'t Dir. for the day in the kitchen. False! I was handed bags of English Muffins, told to cut them in half, put margarine on them, and put them in the oven. That was the extent of my training. Most recently they have had me going into classrooms because they were over ratio! On top of it, I wasn't allowed to change childrens pants if they had an accident becasue I was the "Cook". My recommendation, don't bring your children here! If Parent's only knew how their children were treated they would flip. I could tell you some stories. For one, your child is not cleaned up after a meal or snack with a washcloth or even paper towel. They put your child up to the sink and basically give them a bath! So sad! I can only hope that this corrporation goes under fast or that someone gets in and inspects them fast before a child gets hurt or killed.

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Fred Johnson

Aug 16, 2011 #329794

At least 3 times last week I have seen 2 rooms completely out of control. at least 18 to 20 kids in one of the rooms. I must be just waking up and starting to see this. Again today I walked in the front door no one said hi or stopped me when I went up to get my child. Before I left even the back door was unlock and no one around. I have all so noticed that the 3 people in charge like to sit around the front desk and talk about what is going on at home. Not a business professional atmosphere.

I will be taking my child out of this place soon.

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Fred Johnson

Aug 16, 2011 #329315

Kindercare West Allis Security system all most none existent. Room doors are locked, teachers usually do not come to the doors when you knock. I doubt that camera monitoring system works cause cause where the main front desk or by the manager the monitor is off. It is the middle of August now and every time I go back there it is still not working. How long has it been this way? At least 6 months. A hazard to happen.

If this is how they take care of things, just think how this place is run and what kind of education your child is getting. I have seen at least 20 kids in room a week ago and only one teacher. Is there a regulation on this? Room was just out of hand, and no control.

Stay away from here.

:cry :cry :cry :cry

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inspector gadget

Jun 17, 2011 #300901

kindercare sucks the very life out of the teachers! Why is it that the management makes more then the teachers? arent we the ones who are with the children? We are with these children sometimes more then the parents and we get paid nothing~ They are abusive, and rude, ive never in my life seen a center like number 367! Kindercare is a joke!

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May 23, 2011 #289323

Wow! I can't believe how similar all of these stories sound to mine. I am done. I am contacting corporate and finding out what the *** is wrong with this place!

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fedup ex-employee

Apr 21, 2011 #276849


They have to be breaking some laws by firing people whenever they want. It's like they have 2 sets of rules. They will transfer someone if a parent say they saw them push a child down on the playground, but fire another one if a co-worker says they are afraid of them. Get real Kindercare.

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Apr 19, 2011 #275973

Kindercare sends me a bill from a bill collector saying that i owe them money..i enrolled my toddler there in janurary she only went two days out of the week this daycare is a joke all they care about is the money and to top things off she had scratches that the provider didnt notify me and werent trying to feed her

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Apr 16, 2011 #274912


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Mar 23, 2011 #264259

I had work with Kindercare for three and half years. I never saw a raised since I was there. We were promised raises but I never ever got one. The director that worked there was such a foney fake *** lier. The assiant director was such a freakn air head like no other. I don't know where they find these dumb people to work in such a center like this. They would always lie to the parents as they were giving them the tours. The other thing that was bad was the child's lunches.They would get a bowl of "mush" for lunch or it would be the same thing over and over for lunch. No changes of lunch ever. Come on parents are paying a whole of money for their child to go there. When I become a parent I will not send my child to that school ever. I don't need *** people educationing my child. If you have your child in the Sandiego RB Kindercare take them out now. Thank you and I hope this problem gets solved soon. :upset

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It Is

Mar 02, 2011 #255758

I worked at a Kindercare the management only cares about money. My director actually had no classroom experience and she really did not care about the children or their safety. She just saw them as dollar signs. Daily we were over ratios in every room and older children needed to sit in the office til other children left and the numbers went down for the children to return to their class. Not only did they sit in the office, they were not given anything to do other then sit there watching the director and program specialist.

I watched a teacher swat a kid and the punishment for that was moved the teacher was moved to a different room that was "less stressful" and not even written up after it was brought to the director's attention. The Monday following 2 week notice, I was suspended for using a harsh tone with a child. So at this center employees are allowed to put their hands on the children but not use a harsh tone.

As an former employee I would not send my kid to a KinderCare. For as much as some of the teachers care, they are all over worked and under paid and management only cares about numbers.

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Money VS. Safety

Feb 01, 2011 #243294

KinderCare staying open during a blizzard. All of the area schools are closed for Feb 2,including Compass and Chesterbrook. Can you say ChaChing. So Sad.

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klc employee

Jan 15, 2011 #236138

I am an assistant teacher at a Kindercare in MA. And it took me less than a month to realize the mistake I made taking this position. Kindercare truly is only about the Money! After 3 years without a raise we finally get one for TEN CENTS! On top of that our infant room is licensed for 13 babies and we never have less than 17 a day sometimes even 20 and my center is still accepting more Babies! We are always understaffed yet they still find ways to send home as many staff as possible to "SAVE HOURS". and we never have supplies. Klc preaches about safety and sanitation yet we barely have gloves and soap. These paeents pay a ridiculous amount of money and don't even realize their money isn't going toward thei kids education and wellbeing its going straight to corporate Pockets!

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Jan 09, 2011 #233944

As a former manager of Kindercare. I finally left after 8 years as a result of the lack of support from upper management. Kindercare is always and only about the bottom dollar. They never stop to ask what is best for the child. I truly believe they are driving out older and experienced employees. Why? Because they prefer naive young employees that don't know laws and regulations. Kindercare is practicing many illegal practices. They do not pay employees a minimum of 3 hours if they send them home. This is a Ma state labor law. They also refuse to pay travel time for employees. Employees were forced to travel as mush as two hours one way for a training day and were not paid travel time in accordance with Mass state labor laws. they often refuse employees breaks as a result of "short staffing". They also move children every 15 minutes or 5 minutes if needed to cut, cut, cut those teachers hours and send them home. This is against NAEYC practices. They are all about making an extra buck. They hold mandatory babysitting nights against the hours their license states they are open in accordance with EEC. They make up their own standards for ratios, labor, coverage (assistants vs. teacher certified) because it's "babysitting night". Then, they charge the parents extra money and keep the money for corporate. They host mandatory fundraisers for none other than to send the money to corporate. the centers needing repairs or new equipment never see a dime of this money. In fact, we were... Show more

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