Kevin salam abused my dog my dog acts scared like he had a nerves break down.He is scared of everone now like someones gonna hit him. This man kevin belongs in jail someone needs to report him to animal cotrol.

Shame on you You'll get judged one day by someone more important highter up.Kevin does not treat the dogs well when he thnks someones watching *** be nice to your dog.When he has your dog alone he's a monster.

He will smack kick and punch your dog.If you love your animal you won't take him to kevin .You can see how he curses bad words to his other review. This man has a nasty temper.Keep your dog safe and go to another trainer.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Location: Farmington, Michigan

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Kevin Salem from dogsecrets.com killed our dog and will not give back our money for training or the cost of our dog.His website says he doesnt use any choke chains but the vet said that the bruise on our poor dog's neck is clearly from being hung.

He kept saying to look at all the dogs' faces on his website and look at his own dogs and that's why we went with him and we are now so sorry. Our poor dog just needed obedience. Not a pit bull but just labradoodle.

My kids are crying day and night and all because of our poor decision. Please, please watch out for this monster.


Dog poo trainer? Really?

This clearly shows the validity of this web site.

As you read the review you can't help it to notice how immature he sounds. It's full of typos and poor punctuation.

My cat can write better than that. Well, we used Kevin and couldn't find anyone more loving and qualified than him in entire Sac.

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What are you the grammar police? Animals are being beaten and killed, look at the bigger picture.

Even though you haven’t experienced it, many other people have.

Have some compassion and be glad. It could have been you.

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