Since he screwed me on money hes changed his company name twice and also his phone number. Definitely a sign of guilt. Its sad he cant make a living without taking advantage of people

User's recommendation: Stay away.

Location: Olmsted Falls, Ohio

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Highly unlikely . She is deceased .


Maybe I should post his criminal history on here.


Skilled laboratories


Hello ma’am/mister. I am unsure of who you are so my apologies for not being able to reconcile whatever problem you are having .

You may have reached the wrong provider or consultant .

Please please provide more detailed information regarding this complaint. Thanks

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I have tried to reconcile with you Kevin. You won't even respond to me anymore.

I'm going to the courts Tuesday. Quite a history of theft.

Kelcey Jmp
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Kevin ripped me off about 1500..I had prepaid (like a complete idiot) after he started to cry and tell me he needed $3500 to keep his house by Friday (it was a Wednesday when he sobbed). I gave him the cash and it was then excuse after excuse why he was not showing thereafter..(he was in the hospital, he was fixing his truck, his daughter had a baby, he needed to do other jobs). After the *** was building up I told him I want a complete refund and then he was MIA...he talks about jesus and his god and all he needs to do is follow his lead...unreal...I am filing in Rocky River court ASAP.

reply icon Replying to comment of Kelcey Jmp

Hello Eric ! Stop harassing me and stop stalking my home .

Please concern yourself with your wife for she is the one who needs help . I will pray for you and her both .

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2295346

You have news articles about you and your court records rulings of past contractor scams. You are in the public eye now.

Karma is real. I actually feel sorry for you.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2295346

Here we go again. Kevin in action again. God will make sure you rot in prison

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2321425

It is so interesting how this guy has an excuse for everything accept for why he didnt returnthe money? Where is the money!!!!?????

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