I quit my job at Werner to go work for Kennesaw. I was making 1100 a week running teams.

The recruiter at Kennesaw told me i would be home every night and weekends off. I would make 1100 to 1200 a week running solo. Plus he would give me a 5,000 sign on bonus. It sounded to good to be true and it was.

The lesson learned make sure you get it in writing or forget it. Also their dispatchers suck too. They take forever to get your trips to u so your late for pickup.

And if you complain they get all *** It was a bad experience for me. Beware.

Location: Mount Laurel, New Jersey

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the truck don't get fixs like there should be. You tell them about what is wrong but that as far as it go.

MY truck sat on the yard for 5 days. then when I came back to work my truck was damage and there said I did it. and the brakes kept locking up no there did noting about it till there was no brakes left. and then it was blame on me for what happen.

monica has a bad attitude. she dose not want to hear what you have to say. her mind is made up. you have a lot of thing that are going on that the owner has no idea what going on.I wish I could sit around and get paid for it.

Did you every think why you have a big trun around of driver. I can see why the company is not making the money there should be.


Things are in the crapper since the old man passed. Upper management has no concern for the people who work there.

Now all of sudden the drivers are sitting too much because there is not enough freight. Never a problem before but hard to make money now.

What happened to this once great company? Just not same place since son took over

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still a great company been here 23 years and ive never seen the problems you say...


1st lie Kennesaw's recruiters are all female.

2nd lie they tell you in orientation they will not get you home every week

3rd lie If you are going to be late they will help you reschedule

I don't know who you worked for but it wasnt Kennesaw

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no actually there was a recruiter at kennesaw back last year and he was a man...he isnt there now and i cant remember his name but there was a man....Kennesaw seems ok so far (only been here for a little over a month) but there are a few issues that are beginning 2 concern me. 1st of all,right after i was hired,they changed the way they pay out your sign on bonus.

So basically i was lied to. When i was hired i was told i would recieve a portion of it every 30 days..now its 90 days! It looks to me like they should apply each persons sign on bonus payments the way it was when that person is hired.

Now i have 2 trips which i havent been paid for and was scanned in...thats 1400 miles!...Also although most of the people at the terminal are friendly,there is one lady in particular who has suddenly started giving very hateful looks...michelle is her name...i do not know what her problem is but i go out of my way to be nice to her only to have her act very very rude towards me....i honestly believe i will be looking elsewhere. I believe a person should be treated the way they treat others and im just not gettin that here..


Well that's the same deal as you get at most companies we all have to learn to take the rough with the smooth and from what I've heard they don't sound real bad


Where are all the bad experiences company drivers have had with this company. They lie, cheat drivers out of these promised bonuses.

They have had well founded lawsuits from employees that just seem to go away. And the biggest insult of all is they claim to be a Christian friendly company.

There have to be thousands of drivers who have been cheated by this companies management. Speak up!!!!!!!!


Decent co. Good dispatch.

Lot of pets in trucks though.

They have some rough trucks as well as new. Good reefer trailers.Can be hard to get a co-driver if you don't enter as a team.

Tobi Zhw

I have driven for several of the major freight companies before finding Kennesaw transportation. You, sir, don't know what you are talking about.

Kennesaw has been the best company I have ever dealt with. Dispatch is absolutely terrific. I am paid well and get plenty of miles.

They give great bonuses, too. This is a family oriented work place.


Dont talk *** on Kennesaw, they are a good *** company. Yeah you make over $1100 a week solo as long as you get the miles, same for team.

$5000 sign on is given to you if you go team upon hire. My husband and i have teamed and now we solo with them, you make more solo. Deliver early, thats the way to rack up those miles. Dispatch is amazing, i dont know who you are saying is awful, you got it twisted with some other company dispatch, Lyndon Woods is a killer dispatch,Dennis,Jim,Tim and KK are great.

Lyndon will get you preplanned every time way before you deliver your current load. kennesaw is straight up FAMILY if yoy left you made a mistake im sure.

Best company we been with, i put Swift as the worst, phoenix dispatch Stephanie Salinas bi***. hope you are doing well with current company though 8)

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