Exceptional Service!..........I emailed Ken Tame & Associates earlier today for a quote to provide CMCA insurance on my Caravan & Troop Carrier. I received their Very Competitive Price within a couple of hours! As well as answering my query they also supplied full details of just what was necessary to apply for this insurance cover. I will need to provide either an independent valuation of the vehicles &, or, a receipt to obtain an agreed value policy.

They also included full details of all excesses which would apply in the event of a claim in the future.

Decent service for a nice change from someone in this industry!(keep up the good work Debbie!)

Location: Perth, Western Australia

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That is only cause you haven't tried to claim something. i only want to hear about the people who have tried to claim. There always nice when they are taking your money.


My advice is to get out of this company now. I cannot get a fair quote consideration.

Assessor is from dodgy bros and I am sure is on the take from one of the repairers. He has been deceitful. Will not have my van put in the hands of amateurs to repair. Be warned.

Ken Tame has had his name besmirched by these cowboys.

I formerly had great service from this insurance company.

I will not be bullied by these employees or appointed assessors.


I too have run into problems, Ken Tame are cheaper than Suncorp by $200 in our case with full comp. But now they have joined with Allianz, they are making it harder to insure for agreed value. They want the following conditions met, based on total loss claim:

May replace the vehicle or pay the Agreed value if....

1.The age of the vehicle is within 2 years of the original registration.

2. If the vehicle has been purchased within the last 2 years or a valuation has been supplied in the last 2 years or supplied at the commencement date of policy is within 2 years.

3. Will pay market value if neither the above apply.

Now all that leaves me out, I have it Full Comp for $15,000 and if they give give me market value of $5,000, then I am throwing money away insuring it for nothing.

The campervan has had maximum renovations done to it to keep it in top condition, yet that isn't even factored in. Plus the lowest they will insure for is $15,000.

Time to get off the treadmill me thinks, screw em and off to Suncorp and just grab the Motor Liability cover and cut my bill by more than half.

These Insurance companies are all in it for themselves and quite frankly I am fed up with the high prices to pay for others who can't use their brains to drive within the limits or under the influence of some drug.

Another disgruntled Ken Tame client and soon to be ex-client.

BM from Bundaberg


This is not what I found,

I got grief from the girl to start with after sending all the information twice which she lost, then she wanted proof of my no claim bonus to which I was with Alliance which is the same insurance as they were selling me - to which she replied we do not talk to Alliance??? so I was starting to think it is a scam, now I needed to use the much advertised "Raod side Assist" and was told we only co-ordinate you pay direct so it is no road side assist situation - I wish I took the Suncorp quote as this is very misleading - all the way up to the Motor Home Association who must be doing well out of all of this.