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They might deserve one start for the actual pool.But this company is HORRIBLE -their work is that is....

DO NOT HIRE THEM..... You will pay dearly. Be sure to check out the BBB in the Greensboro and CHarlotte areas too... Mr.

Ken Kitchell is a great talker... but that is ALL you will get. He will promise you a gold hill only when he leaves you find a pile of you know what, We have permits with Mecklenburg Count that are TILL open that he has yet to finalize. We are having to pay those contractors more because he will not come back, return our calls NOR reply to our attorney.

DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY or this MAN. HE will tell you he built pools atop the Bellagio in Las Vegas...

I dont' care..but if you hire him; you are going to be left with upwards of maybe the $8-$10k that we are.--- that is ON TOP of the $30k we already paid for the pool

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3 of 4 Ken Kitchel Spa and Pool reviews
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Feb 26, 2014 #788811

i see what she is saying. if you go back she clearly said they have a retaining wall. but the wall is for a different part of the pool and they had it put in. but her damage is along another side of the pool. either way, any builder that creates a mound of dirt and doesnt compact it and then puts concrete on it can expect that there will be issues. I think it sux for both parties.

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Jessica Roberts

Feb 26, 2014 #788743

Tina you admitted that he offered and you refused. Also no contractor is going to give you directions to build a wall so that you can do it yourself and not use them. If I was the business I know I wouldn't tell you where to put the walls. If you paid me to donut than I would put walls up everywhere. But since you refused the business would be crazy to tell you how to do the job. It's in writing right here that it was reccomended and you declined because you got it done for a 1/4 of the cost. It looks like because YOU failed to do wall correctly your choosing to put the blame elsewhere. I also looked into the job with Mecklenberg County and they stated that the only item outstanding is the electric and that the pool passed final inspection. Is the business doing your electric? If so than they clearly have abandoned you. If not you seem to be a fraud.

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Tina Hasty

Feb 26, 2014 #788764

A BACK retaining wall! This recession is on the SIDE of the pool. You need to read and pay attention. And yes refused his wall and ours was built- in the bs l'
As far as the permit- he abandoned it- since you seem to be so personally invested- and you looked into the permit it's obvious what your game is. The permit is still open- because there needs to be a final. Don't twist stuff around-
I posted photos - the contractor built a pool and when we had problems- 2months in- he ignored us- abandoned his work. Idc what you call it in your twisted game but reputable companies don't EVER do that

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Jessica  Roberts

Feb 26, 2014 #788825

So by avoiding the question it's clear you hired the electrician the reason the permit is not closed is due to lack of your electrician completing job. So sad how consumers try to bring down business because they were too cheap to pay to have stuff done first time.

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Feb 26, 2014 #788829

No Jessica. The Pool Contractor hired the electrician.
The electrician did his job. But then they poured the concrete AND THAT is why the permit is still open.
The Pool Store "slipped" in the diving board AFTER the fact and that was never grounded.
Therefore the electrical permit is still open. It isn't the electricians fault- he was never told to ground it because it wasn't there.
I really wish you would just go ahead and call them for me. There are many details that I have not included in this complaint because I would be here all day. I understand that you are a big supporter of them and that is fine. But stop twisting my comments- stop making assumptions for things you clearly do not have knowledge on. If you want to ask questions - fire away but doing so in a way that is so accusing is uncalled for. That is unless you are the pool company ........ then your attacks are making sense.

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Feb 25, 2014 #788624 Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

By the way- to all of you are are reviewing and giving comments- thank you. But I also want to note- Ken Kitchel with The Pool Store and Spa of Mocksville, NC ABANDONED the project. He will not return our calls- hasn't since December of 2013. He has not had the permit which still hangs on our fence finalized. He does have a cash bond on this permit... He can't have his $$$ back til he gets final inspections. So those who want to think I am the fraud- why don't you ask him why he hasn't gotten those final inspections done? Because to do that - he has to contact us and then he has to deal with the enormous mess that we have and he would rather eat $2000 than to fix what he started.
Let's start working with that....... and get off the retaining wall issue. It is about 50% of our problems right now.

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Feb 24, 2014 #788054

A multitude of issues are forming from this lack of a retaining wall. Our home had a similar issue and at the end the contractor created the embankment - he was liable for not keeping the structure contained. Your pool contractor has to take responsibility as he created this mess... Regardless if he put a retaining wall in the contract - unless you refused the expense of the wall- then that's different

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Feb 24, 2014 #788080

I wonder if the expense was refused? I've had a pool put in but felt they charged too much for retaining wall and got my own company to do. Guess nobody will truly ever know the truth here. Kinda hard to say which way is which since based on lack of all information no way to say who's right of wrong.

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Feb 24, 2014 #788309 Katy, Texas, United States

Ken Kitchel never once suggested a retaining wall for thst part if the pool. Only the back side which we did at a 1/4 of his quoted cost.
I expressed concern that our kids were going to fall down off the edge and into the fence- his replies wereNO! You have 4 feet- not a problem. It never occurred to me that he never properly built up this side.
I doesn't $30k- I hired what I thought was a professional- but got less than quality work. My attorney has everything in record- and the new pool company agrees.

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Jessica Roberts

Feb 25, 2014 #788616

You mentioned he didn't do the retaining wall so how did he not properly do the sides? Sounds like a case of fraud on the end of homeowner.

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Feb 25, 2014 #788619 Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

To Jessica Roberts- Since you seem to know so much about it, please feel free to contact them for paperwork on where I refused the retaining wall along the 32 foot side of the pool- that WAS never suggested nor recommended.
I have 78 photos- 17 pages of text messages, contractors as well as my attorney who all but state, he built that wall up 4 feet high +- the least he should have done as a responsible contractor was to ensure it was able to stand the weight of 20 feet of concrete at 4" thick.
If you wish to call me a fraud, please, feel free. But unless less you are living the drama we do, I would politely ask that you refrain from that opinion. I HIRED what I thought was a professional- any professional who has even a shred of grading experience knows to compact the dirt. I didn't baby sit this man during this process.

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Feb 24, 2014 #788029

What does your contract say? Even with dirt compacted if the retaining wall was poorly built erosion would have occurred regardless. Whom ever did your retaining wall looks to be the issue

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Feb 23, 2014 #787987

I agree that this sounds like an erosion problem...............did you have a retaining wall or proper drainage installed to keep run off water and rain water from under mining the concrete? Did the builder charge you for any of these things? If any of these items were in your contract and the builder did not install these items then you can recover in court.............But if any of those items were not in the contract then you will have to be responsible............hope you get this resolved

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Feb 22, 2014 #787575

Sorry for your situation.
Based on your submitted pictures, you have an erosion problem. You can't pour a deck hovering in thin air as the pictures show. The deck rested on ground at the point it was poured.
Secondly, the cracks in the deck. If those cracks were near the area of ground erosion (hence weakened surface), then the drilling in of Safety Cover anchors (and yes you have a safety cover) and the added extreme tension of the straps would, and likely did, result in cracks.
Were you informed of the likely situation?

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Feb 22, 2014 #787585 Houston, Texas, United States

The soil was not properly compacted. Too many people just dig a little, rake the dirt and pour. With a large slab like this meant to support a lot of weight, the soil must be prepared correctly. I'd say this job was done very poorly.

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Feb 22, 2014 #787598

Yep. We know. This contractor built up that side of the pool. And never once was this a concern. It's all about the dirt not being compacted.
We have hired a reputable pool company know who us fixing the disaster he created.

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Feb 22, 2014 #787602

Good Luck, and hope you get it fixed soon and permanently. Personally, I have never sued for compensation for substandard work. However...with the dollar amount you claim, and the the evidence (pics and otherwise), a small investment (and i mean small) of money, but a little bit more of your time might be worth looking into. I'm talking small claims court. No lawyers, just you and your builder. It couldn't hurt, if you have the time..and it just may pay for all the expenses you are now having to pay out-of-pocket.

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Feb 22, 2014 #787635

Trust me- the $8000 I'm having to pay- will make this pool almost $40k. I was better off going fiber glass with a company with a grade A rating. If it is the last thing I do - I will blog and keyword to the point he only gets new biz who didn't research. You don't screw people over. I am here for every homeowner that does their research!!

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Feb 24, 2014 #788031 Dallas, Texas, United States

Looks like no retaining wall built in the section. If a wall was present the person would be unable to stick hand there. Who did your retaining wall?

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Feb 25, 2014 #788625 Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

we were NEVER informed. That is what makes this so irritating. If I knew about how to go about how to do this, I would have done it myself. I trusted a ***

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