This dealership will go to extreme lengths to charge you way above sticker price on a new vehicle, and will do their absolute best to convince you that they're actually doing you a favor and cutting you the best deal. They have no regard for you or anything you may have going on in your life, they only care about squeezing as much money as they possibly can out of any customer who is unlucky enough to do business with them.

And then once you reluctantly buy the car you got such a horrible deal on, they refuse to fix the serious electrical problems that arise within the first month of owning the vehicle. Filing a lawsuit is time consuming, but my lawyer told me he is not surprised at all that Keffer Hyundai does bad business, he's had many issues with them, if that tells you anything. I reached out to Keffer to give them a chance to make things right, and they chose to ignore me.

Never before (except for select politicians and news media) have I seen someone behave so sincere and act so caring while simultaneously lying to your face and attempting to charge you for all you're worth. Friendly word of advice, heed this, whatever offer they give you SLEEP ON IT, and contact nearby local dealerships with the same car and see what they'll offer you.

I PROMISE you the Keffer Hyundai offer is not going to be near as good. GO TO ANY OTHER HYUNDAI DEALERSHIP. They will offer you a better price, I promise. If you go outside of Charlotte, Modern Hyundai of Concord is excellent.

Another word of advice, if they have any sort of promotion or discount, they will try to nullify it the best they can by adding charges on something else.

Total bait and switch. GO ELSEWHERE.

User's recommendation: Go anywhere else.

Location: Concord, North Carolina

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