After 1 1/2 years of back and forth (I live in Canada) I'm out over $1,000. I sent my dentures back for still another re-make (they were so small I couldn't fit them over my existing teeth), I asked for a refund.

He promised me a partial refund and never sent it. Just lied to. I was more than patient with him throughout this process. Probably too patient.

He would never contact me, I would always have to contact him and ask him when they would be sent out. He would always say "They're sitting right in front of me on my desk and I'll send them out in a couple of weeks". Well, $1,000 is a lot to be out and I'm very upset. Too much time had passed to open a claim with Paypal.

My fault, let it go on too long. do not purchase from him!

User's recommendation: Find another place to purchase your dentures!

Location: Lac La Biche, Alberta

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