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The day after I paid for a watch with a credit card at Jomashop my credit card information was compromised and a large unauthorized charge was made. I very rarely use my credit card outside of amazon and Ebay and I suspect that someone who has gained access to Jomashop's information has compromised my card.

I can't prove it of course as the charge originated in an unrelated company in another state .

I would be very hesitant to provide my credit card information to Jomashop after this experience. The actual product I received was ,however, perfect and I have no complaint with the customer service or shipping of Jomashop.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Just found out that my credit card was unsed for a fraudulent purchase at this store. I've never shopped with them so that means that they either knowingly defrauded the credit card company or they simply did not verify ID on a purchase totaling over $1,000 dollars.

Reading some of the reviews on this page I can come to only one conclusion. This business is a fraud and buyers should go elsewhere to meet their jewelry needs.

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