I received a Seiko 5 automatic watch as a gift. The day I received it, I checked to see if everything was in place. Unfortunately, the 24 jewel face and the 24 hour inner ring were not aligned. What made things worse was corrosion stains on the gold tone bracelet. A week later, more started to appear on different parts of the bracelet.

Jomashop`s "customer service" is really "no service". I am certain that this is due to policy. It can't be that they only hire lousy CS representatives.

I contacted via their CS for. Then, after I received a really *** and insulting reply, I decided to call them. CS rep acted as if she did not understand what I complained about, so she asked for picture. I sent the pictures, but I had to contact them again in order to get a very poor 'solution'.

Needless to say, the box did not contain any warranty card, not Seiko's (but that's OK, because Jomashop is not an authorized dealer), and not even Jomashop's warranty card.

I strongly advise everyone to stay away from Jomashop. Whatever money you think you save, you'll spend looking for an exchange on their faulty watches and lousy customer service.

Just do yourself a favor and invest some more and only purchase from an authorized dealer.

Good luck

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Jomashop Cons: Customer service, Product condition.

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