Jomashop - Great store - Reviews here are childish :( Well… about the store, it’s a great place to buy, great selection and great prices, customer service like anyplace can go both ways, I have never seen a perfect company yet. This reviewing site attracts the crazy person, if you are crazy and you write crazy your review get posted and adored.

If you write like I do and share a positive review here, they will remove it and if you talk about this site, yup they will remove it. So, angry people yes happy people no, freedom of speech GOES BOTH WAYS!! They keep removing my positive reviews, I keep posting them. Again, Freedom of speech goes both ways.

Maybe this is their way of making me a "pissedconsumer" LOL HA ! Leiv Berger One Insanely Happy person

Product or Service Mentioned: Jomashop Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Jomashop Pros: Low prices, Idea, Seller.

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Inez P

Leiv Berger,Could you be any more transparent?You consistently attack posts of valid complaints against Jomashop.Now, you are pretending to be a satisfied customer.You really need to get some help. At the very least, I hope you find employment elsewhere. This job has turned you into a vicious, arrogant, and shamefully abusive person.


Haha u must be to owner of this fly by night outfit. Total scam. F U JOMASHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inez P

You couldn't be more right.Thanks so much for your post.This LIEV BERGER person consistently attacks persons who post valid complaints against Jomashop.Now he's pretending to be a satisfied customer of Jomashop.Transparent, shameful, and deplorable.

@Inez P

At least I do not hide behind Anonymous LOLI had a few more than that 2017 purchase and happened to have found this site when i tried to review them after i have on other sites as wellI come here now for the laughs and to see how people like you embarrass themselves in public but it really kills me when you and others cry after I responded to their childish rants , stat off the web, it is public just in case you did not know!!!I am surprised you even found this review, you had to really dig it up , just shows how low you are willing to go, i almost feel sorry for you now.


Exactly!!!! hahahaha

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