Austin, Texas

The prices at Jomashop are competitive. But their customer service is horrible. If you have a problem with a product after they have your money you might as well write to them (that way you won't be aggravated by their horrendous "customer service for a week or so.

If you choose to call you will likely swear to never do businees with them ever again. You will have to listen to annoying ads, terrible 'music' and outrageous lies about your "wait time" while you sit on hold for 20 to 30 minutes .

One of the worst companies I've ever this regard.

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Zionsville, Indiana, United States #1228379

Here it is 2016 and nothing seems to have changed since the previous review. Ordered a Baume & Mercier watch and everything was find until the 28th day I had the watch when the movement stopped working completely.

I have since returned the watch looking for a refund and confirmed that Jomashop received the package 12 days ago. Think I've heard anything since?

Thankfully I used my AMEX for the purchase and they're backing my dispute to either get a response or refund my money. If you're going to buy anything from this place I'd suggest you do it with a lawyer on standby.

Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France #783567

I ordered a Watch by this website too on the 18 of january 2014. Very good price...

but had to wait more than 3 weeks for shipping... I called them from France, sent emails (they dont answer, apart for orders..., logged on chat; always the same answer : "we are sorry, your Watch will be shipped next week". 3 weeks later i cancelled the order.

So their 'in stock' watches are not!

once order cancelled, no coupon code as apologize, no commercial and additionnal percent off...

Jomashop, as a Watches seller, just made me loose my TIME

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