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My husband purchased a Tag watch from Jomashop end November for my Christmas present 2016. Immediately after I got it on Christmas day I noticed it wasnt working properly e.g.

losing time. We returned the watch on our return from Christmas holidays and it was gone for a month. On its return I noticed that it still wasnt working properly so had to send it back for its second repair in a month. Its now April and I still do not have my watch back.

4 months and I have literally only worn the watch on and off for about 8 days. I cannot understand how a brand new watch has to go in for repairs twice in such a short space of time. This is a $1700 watch and its a Tag. I have x2 other TAG's and neither have ever given me a day's trouble.

The x1 I wear every single day and it was bought 12 years ago. Only replaced its battery x2 in this whole time. So I cannot understand why a brand new watch has had to be repaired in such a short space of time and why, x4 months later I still do not have my watch. Jomashop has taken my money and still I don't have my Christmas present.

It has ruined my Christmas as I will always remember a present that didnt work. Also, the customer service team is the real problem. They have shown no empathy to me. They have not offered to escalate this issue.

They have not offered to replace it free of charge seeing as its a faulty watch. Nothing. And when I lose it over the phone I get treated like a piece of rubbish. There one Manager was so condescending in dealing with me.

Couldn't understand why I was irate when all I was asking is "where is my watch". They finally promised me I would get it last Monday or Tuesday. Nothing. I called and they then said Thursday or Friday.

Nothing. Its Monday and I have been holding on their Customer Service line since 9:10 and its now 9:37. Not response. And the voice recording talks about listening to their customers, giving the best service etc etc.

I can only laugh at this because I would say, rather go to a jeweller and pay full price for a watch. Will save you all the stress in the long term.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hag Heuer Link Watch.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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New York, New York, United States #1322248

This exact same thing has happened to me with an Omega watch. Put the watch in September 2016 and still have not gotten back to me.

I've followed up with THREE different customer service reps and they don't allow us to be put through to supervisors. It's been 6 months and the Omega boutique in Manhattan fixed the other one within 3 weeks. Why is this happening at Jomashop?

Threatened to take to claims court with no response, so going ahead to sue.

Nothing else to be done at this point. Extremely disappointed with this terrible terrible service

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