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I placed an order that total $1,009.71 from Jomashop on 5/23. Their website said they only charge for order when the order ships.

This was NOT true in my case as my credit card was charged the FULL $1,009.71 as soon as I placed the order. Not a good start but I was ok with it until the next day, when they shipped the partial order (they didn't have the entire order in stock which their website failed to disclosed) and I was charged an ADDITIONAL $672.36 for the shipped part of the order ON TOP of the $1009.71. The next day after shipment, I was charged ANOTHER $672.36 on my card. So for a $1009.71 order, I was charged a total of $2354.43!!!

I called customer support and was put on hold forever while the rude customer service rep said he would try to get a hold of their 'billing' department only to come back to tell me that he would have to call me back cause their 'billing' department was not answering the call!!! I have not yet received a call back! Granted part of the charges ($1682.07 worth) are in pending status still and thank God I used a credit card for payment. If you purchase from them make sure you don't use a debit card cause your bank account balance would go down significantly as they place unauthorized charges to your account while you wait for the pending charges to maybe fall off (or not)...

No help at all from their customer support.

The savings are NOT worth it to me given their bad business practice and I do not plan to buy from them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jomashop Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

Preferred solution: Take the pending payments OFF my account and STOP charging my account without authorization!!! .

Jomashop Pros: Price.

Jomashop Cons: Rude customer service, Over charges on credit card, Unauthorized credit card charges, Potential fraud on unauthorized charges.

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hi, probably almost same here...

I used a Debit card for purchasing an item in Jomashop

Placed the order and soon I received the confirmation of my order has been done by e-mail from them.

After a while I checked my bank account then the cash was already deducted.

So I assumed that everything gonna be OK.

But the next day I received their e-mail with my wire transfer payment has not been received that showed my order status in pending payment. I didn't understand why that happened. Their customer support center said only that my credit card couldn't verified so they couldn't take any action for shipping, and unless they receive my payment within the next 24 hrs, your order will be automatically cancelled. *** I'd already paid for that !! I'll never go to Jomashop. Appreciated their great support.

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