Friday morning I dropped my vehicle at JM for scheduled maintenance. I requested their courtesy vehicle to take me to another location less then a mile away.

I was informed their courtesy vehicle was not available. I then had to walk there in this summer heat having a heart condition. Later that afternoon I called my service advisor to have the courtesy vehicle pick me up.I was then informed that the courtesy vehicle was still not available and I couldnt be picked up. I had to walk back to JM in 92 degree weather.

I spoke to the service manager who said someone should have picked you up. He apologized.JM always emphasizes how great their service is advertising their courtesy vehicle to assist you.

I then picked up my vehicle and discovered my interior was not vacuumed and the exterior was still dirty after it was washed. I have to tell you I was not very pleased with my service this day.

User's recommendation: Speak to your advisor and make sure they do what they promised you.

Location: Delray Beach, Florida

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