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I Selected 2 dresses online using the drop down size box as I do with every other site. Selected my usual size. I was so excited about my selection that when it took almost 3wks to receive them I EMAIL the company. I received the dresses 2 days later. I am 5ift9in these dresses are for a woman around 5ft. On the packing slip it reads to contact them for return information and return form. Ha!!! Apparently the drop down size selection constitues "Custom Made" in their eyes. Their suggestion was to take the dresses to a tailor and have them altered.

No Returns. How can this be "Custom" if you requested no measurements?!

No Returns No Exchanges NO GOOD!!!

I wouldn't take the risk ladies. It isn't worth the headache!

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"JJsHouse is most definitely a scam. I am a size 10.

I order a pearl pink satin jacket size 14 and when I tried it on the jacket was so small and tight I could "NOT" fit my arm into the sleeve. I took it to a tailor and he said it was not a size 14 but a size 6.

I thought by buying the jacket larger I could get it altered so it would fit me perfectly. JJsHouse were impossible to deal with and will not refund my purchase.


Please don't risk your big days by getting your dress from these people. I paid too much for a dress which is so different to the one shown on the website.

and they don't accept refund too! The quality is also awful. At the time of buying I was not told I'd have to pay the importation charges, tax, etc.

myself. Now I have to throw the dress in the bin after paying too much money.


I am so glad I am reading these reviews as I was tempted to order a dress That was perfect for my sons wedding. I am sorry for the people who have been scammed by them.


Thanks for your advice,I was about to order a dress I saw on their website...:/


Wow, sounds like you need a little more experience in navigating a website - yes, there are drop down boxes to input custom sizes (and you should have already been measured by a professional) in addition to the traditional size chart. Sorry you didn't see it (not being sarcastic). The dress I ordered from them is perfect.




I think you are a plant for JJsHouse. I am so disgusted with this company and their shoddy products and business practices, that I can't believe any REAL customer can be happy.


My friend just showed me the dress she ordered. She was very satisfied.

There was a miss in the description compaired to reality. The e-mailing was quick, and they compensated with 20% off. Even deliverywas fast. And no we are not attached to thecompany.

She is just happy about her wedding party dress!


Custom measurements fit perfectly!

Lotta, best woman, Malmö Sweden


DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. The great reviews are their own.

My girlfriend bought a dress for a wedding and when it arrived it was the WRONG colour and the quality was just horrible. The stitching on the dress was so bad! There was no way she could wear the dress. She ended up buying another dress at the last minute from somewhere else.

They wouldn't take the dress back because apparently it was "custom" ....custom my ***.

I told her to contact the credit card company and get their privileges revoked. If enough people complain, something can get done.


This company is a scam!! Im getting married soon and my mother has been having a hard time finding a dress we saw on dress on jj's that looked like a winner.

We ordered it when we received it the quality was horrible and the beading looked super cheap. Second my mother is a petite woman the sleeves were made for a size 16 woman! Made no sense. I try to find a number to call it turns out everything has to be settled thru via email.

The first response was they are sorry to hear about my problem and to take it to a tailor for the sleeves and to please keep the dress. I kept writing to them and I was getting nowhere. I decided to call my bank and tell them I think I have been scammed by this company they did research and filed a dispute I got my money back. This company is by far the worst scam ever.

They clearly state to reach out to them for a return label and they will give you your money back.

Another horrible part about this story is am still stuck with dress!! What a nightmare this company is.


Well so I bought 2 dresses from theme with one bolero and a swap. It looked so nice on the pictures but when it arived today i couldnt believe my eyes.

Even after giving theme my mesurments (i payed for get it sewed exactly my mesures)it was little to big on my weist. The color should be champagne and its beige. Another thing that am not happy is that i need to pay tax for those. Not enough i dont like theme but I have to pay tax.

That is 1/3 of what i payed total for the dresses and sending. I have 10 days to pay it. As it is DHL who pay it to tax and i need to pay it back to theme. Why cant the side incl the tax prices on their side.

:? :(

@another not happy buyer

Thank you very much for all the comments.

glad I have read them , I also purchased a wedding dress for my daughter, looked lovely on the picture, when arrived(eventually) I was completely shocked , poor quality , wrong size and color..Money back , not a chance

Bogus company , don't purchase from them !!!!

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