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I Selected 2 dresses online using the drop down size box as I do with every other site. Selected my usual size. I was so excited about my selection that when it took almost 3wks to receive them I EMAIL the company. I received the dresses 2 days later. I am 5ift9in these dresses are for a woman around 5ft. On the packing slip it reads to contact them for return information and return form. Ha!!! Apparently the drop down size selection constitues "Custom Made" in their eyes. Their suggestion was to take the dresses to a tailor and have them altered.

No Returns. How can this be "Custom" if you requested no measurements?!

No Returns No Exchanges NO GOOD!!!

I wouldn't take the risk ladies. It isn't worth the headache!

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I wish I had read this prior to purchasing the dress which as the lady on the top stated, does not fit me even though it was my size. I agree with her...DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!


I ordered a dress from jushouse and it don't fit I've been calling and no one has call back after me calling four times this dress is for my daughters wedding I don't know what to do at this point


I bought a bridesmaid dress and so did the other ladies in the wedding and the dress was well made, and instead of the drop down size I went to the size chart and gave them all the measurements they asked for and the dress is a little big but I had lost weight. I love the dress, actually ordered more things from them had no problems............I like JJHouse


You're right, I would've NEVER bought the dress from them had I known the hassle that would follow trying to get it exchanged for a bigger size(they don't bother to tell you their dresses run a suze or 2 small. Now I'm stuck with a dress too small.

Beautiful dress but SHADY company!!! Save yourself the pain and look elsewhere!


I am complete agreement - this was by far the worst online shopping experience I have ever had. The garment was not even in the color I ordered, nor did it fit properly, yet they absolutely refused to allow it to be returned.

I will NEVER NEVER use this company again.

And I would advise anyone else to shop anywhere else but with this company. It is NOT worth it!!!


Thank you. I tried to order a dress and she kept saying I should do custom.

I said I fit the size and she kept changing her comments.

I was so confused I quit and did not order. I am 5 foot 10 inches and would only have half a dress if I just ordered in length.


You took the words right out of my mouth!!! No custom sizing when you requested a standard size!

Pitiful refunds extended (15%), no exchanged because they do not have dresses in stock for exchange (even though you didn't request an exchange), double-talk all over the place. DO NOT EVER BUY FROM JJSHOUSE!!!!!!! Please take all these reviews to heart.

I wish I had read them before looking at all the nice-looking dresses. Learn from all the people's posting's mistakes!


I just ordered a dress from them. I have not received it yet, wish I had seen this before my ordered was placed.

So please pray for me all is good. I'm so sorry about your problems, hoped your special day went off without any other problems.


Good Luck, Vicki! You'll need it.

All the posts are true about the double-talk and deceptiveness with these people. I didn't spend much (Thank God). I was offered a 15% money on a return that was a "standard" size. Then they went up to a 25%, saying, "we have to pay fabric costs and our dress-makers salary".

Isn't that included in the cost of the dress, was my question. DO NOT anyone EVER buy from this "house"! Please save your money and go to

They have nice stuff, some extremely reasonably priced ( I ended up paying $31.00 for a dress for my son's wedding) and they are so easy to work with. USA all the way!!!!!


Had the same issue. I'm still in the process and apparently they are located in China and have offered for me to ship it back (AFTER 5 DAYS of going back and forth about the situation).

They started off offering a 15% return, then 25% and when I threatened to call the better business bureau they then said 40% or I could pay shipping (a good $60 to ship it to china) and they would give me a full refund.

Not a good business. Hopefully you're smarter then me and doing your research before making a purchase.


I'm so happy I decided to do a little research because I would've been pissed I was about to spend money for my wedding dress but thanks to you guys I'm going to pass I'm sorry for every individual that got scammed. And with the help of you I'll keep looking.


Wow!!!! I was getting ready to buy two dresses from them.

One for a ball and another for my graduation but I couldn't find the address because I don't trust online. I am so truly blessed for not buying from them. Thanks for posting and God bless those who got their money taken.

I pray that God will multiply your money ten fold. God bless.


I still havent got my order wish I read these reviews first :cry


I received shoes recently for my son's wedding. They were such poor quality and fabric that I wanted to return them.

No phone number, no address! So, I tried the chat. No live chat. It took nearly 2 weeks to get an address of an APARTMENT IN CHINA, and they asked that I send the package via the cheapest delivery method possible???

They said that they would not refund my money unless the package was exactly as it was when they had shipped it. Right.....kissing my money goodbye.


Thank god I read your posts I was looking at these dresses and was like WOW they are beautiful. BUT I did notice there isnt an address ANYWHERE so I sent a chat to them asking what the address was lol still havent heard anything!!!


The same thing just happened to me, and there is no phone number nor address to return the dress to.


Sorry to hear of all the bad experiences; however, I ordered a dress for my

daughter's wedding; I used the "custom" measurement; it came in 14 days,

I took it out of the box and it fit perfectly. It was my first on line purchase.


Oh my! Glad I read these, I was just about to order from them.

I wont be now!!! Thank you


i just tried to contact them to cancel my order of two dresses got on the live chat and asked for a phone number to talk to someone the answer was the phonelines are being updated so send a email. i asked when will the phonelines be operational......... hmmmm still waiting for a answer i guess i can say goodbye to 307.00 au dollars *** going to put these guys up on facebook so no body ever buys from them again


My name for JJs House is company from ***! - they originate in China, not Indiana. Once they have your'll not see it again and they don't want the merchandise back.