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So far, JJSHouse refuses to give me my money back. They offered 40% redound because they cannot sale the dress.

I CANNOT WEAR IT EITHER! Basically, I have to pay them 60% for the dress they screwed up.

Original review posted by user Dec 22, 2018

I ordered a total of 6 dresses from JJSHouse over the past 14 months.

The first four orders were perfect and I was a very satisfied client.

I placed an order on Dec 9 and another one on Dec 12.

The first order was to wear for a Christmas party, and the 2nd order was for new year’s party.

I made sure I told the lady that the first dress needed to arrive no later than 12/14 and the 2nd order no later than Dec 28.

The 1st order is processing and won’t be shipped until Dec 26. Os course I won’t be able to wear that dress for the Christmas party. I cannot go and by another dress at this moment because my family will be arriving over the weekend so I have to go to the airport a couple times, and I have to host my guests. But even if I could go, the color of the dress is very particular and all the women at the party are going to wear the same color sequins dress. Not to mention to go shopping on 12/22/2018!

JJSHouse said that they were sorry but the dress was in production and the delay was because they needed to make sure it fits right. The offer me $5 refound for the inconvenience! Are you kidding me? They will fix my problem giving me $5 ???????

Dress # 2 for New Years, is also a sequins dress, similar to the 1st one. Even though the order was submitted later than the one for the 1st dress ARRIVED YESTERDAY and came in black, not champagne!!!!

I always chat with them immediately after I place an order to make sure the delivery date is what I need as well as the color and measurements are correct and I also take screen shots of the chats just in cas!

I contacted them last night in regards of the dress being black instead of champagne and they insist that it should be black. I sent them the screen shot in which they guaranteed me that the dress will be champagne. The most frustrating part is that they just need to recognize they screwed up on both orders but what I get is emails trying to put the blame on me! Oh! And for the Christmas dress, they just said to keep it in my closet in case I need a dress later on!!! It’s just unbelievable!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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They are out of China and have no intention of returning funds they already have. They sent me a dress with a different top than how it appeared in the picture.

They told me to "purchase some fabric and tidy it up".

What? They act like they can't speak English but when you file a dispute, they suddenly appear to be able to speak and write English very will lose your dispute too because of their 7 day cancellation policy, no matter if the situation is their fault.


So now they are saying that the dresses colors can be slightly different. I don’t see a “slight difference” in a dress that supposed to be champagne and was received it BLACK!!!

And a champagne dress that came pure gold!!!

Don’t EVER WAIST YOUR TIME AND MONEY BUYING FROM JJSHOUSE! The will send you what ever they have available and force you to keep it!!!


they lie, lie, lie! they never accept any blame for their craftiness!

each time i message them they reply "your message has been noted, best regards!" my dress was for an event nov. 2. it was a white dress with four blood stains from, i assume the person who hand sewed the rhinestones. also, the dress was a few sizes too small!

i have been going back and foth with this "company" since the last of october. if i don't get my money by 1/1/2019 i am filing a class action law suit.


Class action lawsuit ? Apparently you don't know what that is.

Look it up ; it does not apply to your case in any way.

You may have an individual claim, but a class action ? NEVER.


Such a bad services. I would like to join in the class action.


lol... how many other dissatisfied customers are filing with you? A Class Action Lawsuit involves more than one party.