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on may fifth 2016 i ordered 2 dresses to wear at my son's wedding, I received both dresses liked them but unfortunately they are small. I contacted jjhouse to have them send me the return label so i could send the dresses back in exchange for a size up.

I explained clearly that i did not need a refund and that i needed to exchane the product. They have since sent me communication declining to let me sent the dresses for exchanges. firstly i did not custom order i just got the regular sizes, secondly there is no room at all on the seams to alter, and thirdly jjhouse wrote to me and refused to exchange my dresses and instead asked me to purchase two more dresses. I surely do not understand how they do business without accepting returns/exchanges.

I am a world traveller and they are the first retailer I have done business with and refuses to do exchanges for a customer. I am very disappointed and I am already running out of time as my son's wedding is first week of july.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

JJsHouse Pros: Dresses.

JJsHouse Cons: Cant exchange for larger size, Refusing to let me sent products for exchanges.

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Why must their return policy be so involved and confusing. You can't exchange an item.

You must re-order in another size, color or whatever and then try to return the original item for a refund if you can figure out how to return it. Even if you manage to get a refund, you're always going to be out the shipping charges. There is no phone number so it's impossible to contact and talk to an actual person. You have to email back and forth, they want pictures, and you only have 7 days to do all this.

I ordered 3 items, one needed to be exchanged for a larger size and a pair of shoes I just want to return because they are not comfortable. How will a picture show how uncomfortable a pair of shoes is? And since the other item was being replaced, they aren't losing any money, so what's the big deal with an exchange?

I will probably not do business with this company ever again. This was just too much work.


I had that very same problem! Worst company ever!

I had to buy two dresses and my friends wedding is July 8th.

The first one didn't fit my bustline correct so I orderd a different size dress and asked to return the other butt hey refused. I'm telling everyone on social media etched about how rude, cheap and terrible this place is!

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