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"This company is nothing but a bunch of scam artists. My wife ordered (2) dresses.

Same style, Same color, in 2 different sizes. Tried both on. Neither fit. Forget trying to send anything back to these scammers.

They have you jumping through hoops sending pictures of the dress back to them, telling what skilled people they have working for them. Sending you pics of "the dress" on their forms. Offering 15-30% refund. All the while ignoring your request to get a return authorization.

I've never heard lamer excuses from a company before in my life. Paid $32.99 shipping which I can deal with but then get hit with a $45.44 duty fee. Dispute being filed with CC company and PayPal. Warning too all...JJ's House sounds great until there's a problem then they just don't want to deal with it and talk around the issue without providing the solution the customer wants.

Never again!

We WILL get our money back one way or another and you can take that to the bank. Ridiculous way to run a business."

Product or Service Mentioned: Jjshouse Dress.

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I had the same thing happen to me and my mom. THEY ARE AN ABSOLUTE RIP-OFF! Got our money back, but took almost 2 months.

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