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I bought a Jani-King Franchise, and had to get a lawyer to take them to Court to get money back and other damages.All Jani-King does, is takes the same under-bid contract and circulate it around and around to their various Franchisee's.

Any problem, they take the account away from you, no matter how small the problem is. Then they give this under bid contract to another Franchisee and repeat the same process over and over. All the while, they are charging you royalty fees on this contract, along with finders fees; advertising fees, insurance fees, equipment fees, that can up to over 40% of the face value of the contract they gave to you.

It's a ponzy scheme of nothing more than fraud, and I do not recommend anyone buy a Jani-King Franchise, and if you are in it, get yourself a Lawyer to sue them for full recovery of your money plus any damages.My Lawyer, did the case for a percentage of what I got back, and did so because Jani-King is constantly being sued by their Franchisee's, and there was so much case law against Jani-King that it was a sure win.


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46 of 46 Jani King reviews

Oct 30, 2016 #1233866 Florissant, Missouri, United States

robert whats your lawyers name, i want to sue them for my money back, nd then some,they wrecked my life.

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Jan 07, 2016 #1090622

Who was your lawyer. I need to talk with him. My husband and I own a franchise ands yes, we to are getting ripped off big time. My email daisydo102893@yahoo.com. thanks

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Aug 06, 2014 #852504

I agree, not everything is precious, but I bought a Jani King Franchise in Texas because one people that I know was making tons of money.
Has been though, but 6 Years later I making 9,000 profit a month doing nothing.
I wasn't making that amount in my previous job for sure.
As I'm saying, it's hard, it's frustrating, sometimes you want to quit ..... But the secret is easy. Learn how to handle your customers, pay as low as you can to your employees (Little more than the minimum wage) and you will make it profitable.
Be patience, nobody in JK cares about you, you need to accomplish your goals, they give more accounts to the franchisees who gives less trouble and have less complaints.
At the end, they make the same profit with you or another franchise

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Jul 03, 2013 #674235 Biloxi, Mississippi, United States


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Jerry Crawford's concubine

Feb 19, 2013 #611216 Addison, Texas, United States

THEY CAN'T REPAIR THEIR REPUTATION!!! So, as time goes by, they will become more and more ruthless. Most of the key people who are involved are nearing retirement or death from AIDS or lung cancer. They don't care that the Feds are hot on their trail of crime and money laundering.

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Nov 05, 2012 #565013

Very rude two girls in the office.

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Ex Bay Area employee

Oct 22, 2013 #731864 Redwood City, California, United States

I will agree with that. I would not recommend dealing with these crooks. The manager Matt Konniff in the San Mateo, Ca. is a crook, a lier, he's rude, treats his employees like ***(except for his own friend and employee Chris)and is only out for his own commission. He lies to the clients and mis-represents the contracts to get the jobs and when problems come about he's becomes a coward and not available. He has his employees deal with the clients issues for his lying/ false representation of the contract (taking the credit of course.) Him and his little butt buddy Chris are weasels. Save your head ache and money and look for another agency. Jani King is only out for money and once your signed into a contract with them your screwed...and if you become unhappy with the service provided or anything in the contract... It's to bad. You signed a contract and will have to pay or sue them to get out of it. Costing you even more money and time. Bottom line is Jani King is just middleman company that screws a lot of people out of thousands of dallors daily who don't care about anything but screwing people over with their contracts.

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Jun 09, 2012 #493511

Jani King CAN be a profitable enterprise, but people do need to understand how profits are made on all sides. I was the Operations Manger in Houston. Too many FO's expected to have a handful of accounts and to be living the good life. That's not how business goes. NOW!!! Is Jani King as a Corporation run well? On paper, yes. Where the rubber meets the road? No. The corporate office provides almost no support to the regions. They do nothing to push and promote growth. If you are a franchise owner, go find out if your Operations team has ANY experience in the cleaning field. Go ask. I'll bet money that 90% of you have more experience in the janitorial world than any two people on your operations team combined. I could go on and on. I'm at the point that I would be happy to confer with a lawyer on a lawsuit.

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Feb 22, 2012 #435344

I agree with everyone this company is a rip off. They under bid on every account they do this because they don't have to clean it and plus they get their fees off top. This is another form of modern day slavery.

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Aug 13, 2011 #328135

i manage a franchise in the USA and the owner always moans about the money taken out. i have not seen the paperwork. here it is an issue of the insurance. we are basically covered for $34 million all told. the name is the big selling point over here but i wonder often if i should just approach all the business that i clean and offer them to hire me and fire jani-king for 1/2 the price. i would make 10% less than i make now. but... wow. no more jani-king.

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C. Walker

Jul 17, 2011 #313888

@Josh Peterson

It has nothing to do with being lazy. There are people here who were lied too, taken advantage of, chewed up and spit out to make room for the next one. Just because things may have worked out for you (you must have a good franchiser), doesn't entitle you to berate anyone who's been wronged by them. Take your generalizations somewhere else. :(

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Jun 25, 2013 #669227 Boca Raton, Florida, United States

doesnt that go both ways. Arent you and most of the ppl here doing exactly what your telling @josh peterson not to do.... just saying.

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Jun 30, 2011 #306801

My regional manager said to me and I Quote "I burn more than I keep".
And trust me I believe he was honest when he said that as a threat to me after one of our many meetings. I am in Australia and my region has lost at least half of their franchisees and more are likely to follow. I have set up a page on facebook for "former jani king franchisees"
Please help welcome jani king to social networking. If you are from australia we are looking for more people to join a class action lawsuit so as you can see the J-K scam is a global problem where ever they are.
Having said that I actually think the franchise could be profitable and would be if jani-king just followed their own manuals and stopped under quoting contracts. The ops manager quoting the job for you, don't care about you, he cares about his bonuses for signing another customer. there are not enough ckecks on how they they gain a contract and franchisees rarely get to have a say in the matter.I'm no longer with jani king but in rather in competition with them.
meanwhile they go out and quote around the $29 dollar mark AU I manage to gain contracts my self around the $40 dollar mark per hour.They told me that was impossible and that they'd have no contracts for us should they quote that high but I am living proof of the opposite. my business now grows because i can afford to do my job impeccably.customers don't mind paying extra for quality in particular not high profile customers who pride
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Aug 31, 2013 #709900 Lawrence, Indiana, United States

Wondering if u picked up the same contracts that nano king had? I'm asking because right now I'm working for sumone that goes three janitorial king an I sware these people can't clean, an I was thinking bout trying to get them couple buildings myself.. and also how to u bid the work?

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agree JK abuse

Jun 30, 2011 #306587

Yes this company is a one side contract anybody who is thinking to investing in Jani king, ask your layer first, every city is diferent how Jani King managed there business, but many times is management problems they have very hi turn over, employees and frachansee owners,Jani king don't care if you make or not money, they only care about themself, Before you invest any money, think about it.

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Jun 28, 2011 #305614

As an ex franchisee I can only warn anybody to set up their own cleaning business its not hard, Jani King use clever tecniques and slight of hand to lose your franchise, they then just refill your position, ask the right question why dont they have long serving franchisees? there is a core of senior franchisee of around 4 who pick up the pieces when less experienced individuals go by the wayside, I suspect the positive writer is one.I was and am ashamed I did the same aquiring good contracts from less experienced business minded peple who joined and failed, I was trotted out as a success to promote jk until I fell out of favour.

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charee colorado

Mar 31, 2011 #268034

me and my husband are in a big mess with jani king they took are life savings and will not give it back. iv been every where looking for help im now working with the bbb of denver. jani king lied to us about alot of things one was that they said our package we were buying included all supplies but it does not!!! iv talked to the tx office they said they would get our money back now the office in colorado will not. i do not want them to win i need help from any one out there please i dont know what else to do leave me an email @ dubbleduch23_brandy@yahoo.com thanks and God bless you all!!!

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Mar 25, 2011 #265031

Tired of trying...please contact me at franchiseeunhappy@yahoo.co.uk I have a lawyer willing to take my case on, and the more complaints the better chance we all have of getting our money back

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Mar 25, 2011 #265029

Like others who have posted here, Jani King have taken my money and given me NOTHING in return. I lost everything in this scam. I would love to take them to court and try and recoup some of my losses, is anyone interested in putting our collective complaint to a lawyer to see if we have a claim? contact me at franchiseeunhappy@yahoo.co.uk

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Josh Peterson

Feb 03, 2011 #244004

I have been a JK franchise owner for 12 years and my suggestion, for what it is worth, is instead of listening to these sob stories from people who are obviously lazy if they have time to post on here instead of managing or growing their business, is to call the franchise owners listed in the FDD you are given. I have heard these sob stories from a few of franchise owners in my region and after questioning them further I soon discover that the reason for their failure has more to do with them then JK. Most of them thought they would not have to work hard and the money would just come rolling in. I wish the poster good luck running that hot dog stand because I will bet my life that they fail at that just like they would have failed at JK.

Somewhere along the line this country tuned into the "land of the free, home of the entitled!" If someone in America fail at something they always try and blame someone or something else for the failure instead of looking right in the mirror. Quit looking for a handout, stop complaining about needing a lawyer to sue JK, and go out and put 60 hours a week into your franchise for 2 years and then tell me where you are at. Don't even try to tell me you have already, because I say BS.. Anything JK takes out for royalties and fees I get something in return. They advertise for me, they bill all my customers, collect from customers, provide me with workers comp. and liability insurance, and even provide an office for
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