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Booked Smokey Mountain Splash for a long weekend July 7-10. Arrived on July 7 at 4pm.

Discovered the AC unit for the lower level was not working. Notified customer service at 6:22pm. I was told that an HVAC tech would be by that evening or first thing in the morning on July 8. Nobody showed up that night.

On July 8, I waited until around 10am and nobody showed up. I called customer service back and they apologized and said that we were on the schedule for service that day. 1pm arrived and still no tech to check the AC unit. I called back and was told that we were scheduled for the day but had no time frame.

I was told that they were bringing 2 portable AC units to get us by until the AC company arrived. At 4pm we still hadnt received any service from HVAC company or the portable units. My call was again greeted with apologies and excuses. I was told that the portable units should have been delivered and they would call and check.

At 6:30pm still no service nor portable units.. my 5th call to the company was more of the same.. excuses and apologies.. they told me that a new maintenance person would have the units to our cabin within an hour..

7:30 arrived and guess what.. still no service or portable units.. I called back again and at this point told the person that answered that I needed a manager.. clearly nobody that answered the phone could assist me at this point.

I was told that the manager likely wouldnt be able to call me tonight since it was already 7:30!!! I asked what type of manager doesnt take the time to call the client at 7:30? Finally at 8:30 One portable AC unit arrived. It had to be put in one of the bottom floor bedrooms because it was the only room that had a window that would open.

I have rented many houses, cabins, etc. and NEVER had such an issue with regards to poor communication, and lack of effort to take care of a customer. We paid over $4,000 for 3 nights in this cabin. A quick google search provided over 20 HVAC companies in the area..

my assumption is that this company, to save a few dollars doesnt want to pay weekend/OT rates to have a company service their unit. I highly encourage anyone considering renting from this company to choose a different one! The cabin is beautiful, however the entire downstairs (kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms are almost 80 degrees and not very pleasant to use.

We are basically being forced to use half of a house that we paid a lot of money for.. Choose Wisely!!

User's recommendation: Find another company to rent from.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Jackson Mountain Homes Pros: Beautiful cabin, Great location.

Jackson Mountain Homes Cons: Poor communication and poor customer service.

Location: 1662 East Parkway, Gatlinburg, Tennessee 37738, United States

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Kailei Pis

I don't think they should give you a price reduction. Cannot afford what they charge stay at home.

reply icon Replying to comment of Kailei Pis

Affording it isn’t a problem, clearly as I am in the cabin currently. The problem is paying for something that hasn’t been provided nor corrected as stated in their description of amenities provided in the listing.

If you purchased a vehicle that stated it had 4 tires and when you got there one was flat wouldn’t you expect it to be corrected or you to be compensated accordingly? Simple logic… well simple to some I guess.

Heather R PIy
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2358514

Simple logic. You can not afford th e price. You are not smart.

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