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by Pianoman #34879

When is the washing machine going to be replaced/repaired ?Washing machine(s), been inoperable for four months, since November 15, 2019. Service request was submitted at that time and there have been two request submitted since that time, nothing has been done to address the problem.

The response from the vendor was, it needs to be replaced, that was back on November 19, 2019. The apartment have 18 people living there (18 apartments), and disabled and senior people need to be able to wash their clothes like anyone else.

The lease states that the amenities (laundry room), is for washing tenants clothes, but using one machine (four months), cause the other one doesn't work, is unacceptable, and also is a breach of lease by the management. All the amenities should work at all times and if not be repaired/replaced in a reasonable amount of time, (four months is not a reasonable time frame), for tenants to go without a way to wash their clothes.

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