I used the wraps on my arms and stomach, over a period of time as directed and all I did was waste time & money. They didn't do anything except seem to make my arms *worse*.

My sister also tried the wrap and had the same result: nothing but wasted time & money. They don't stand by their products and don't offer refunds if it doesn't work/you want to cancel. Took forever to get my credit card off their files (yes, as others say, you'll be on hold for a long time). Their entire company is a scam and misleading unless you're a whiz at signing people up under you (truly seems like a pyramid scam since they're always pushing to recruit!


I will never use their products again and will warn people against them any time I can. Avoid at ALL costs!!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $500.

It Works Cons: False advertising, Body wrap did not work, Poor customer service.

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I agree.I was ripped off for 300 dollars.I bougt wraps and body gel.And also detox ponder stuff.I had no idea that once I ordered Items.I tried it the first month.Nothing.Does not work.Next thing you know I was sent the same *** again.When I asked my rep.She said I signed up for 3 months of products.This was done on messages from face book.I NEVER sighed anything.Their products suck.When I told my rep.She said I have to send items back at my expence.A holes.


The company itself does not push people to recruit recruit. The distributors that do not work for the company often do, because that's how they make money.

And the agreement clearly states that refunds on used products as it's a health aid and results vary.

This is a risk you take when locking yourself into the Loyal Customer Agreement without sampling the product at retail cost first with no agreement. Sorry to hear it didn't work.


Well if you would drink water with the wrap on and avoid fast food, alcohol, and other *** during the wrap and 3 days after it would work better. Everyone is different which is why there's no refund.

Its purpose is to tighten tone and firm and release bad toxins from your body. The product worked for me!!

Love these products! :)


@ the above comment you have no idea how much water she drank or what she ate . You must be one of there lackey scam artist .. I got a bridge I'd like to sell you ...


That's typical of how thier customer service reps act. Rude, arrogant & no apparent education.


I have the River to flow under the bridge! Lol!!!


I don't drink.. I don't eat fast food.. so what is your excuse now that it STILL didnt work on me !


I agree. I don't drink alcohol, juice.

Sodas or eat fast food.I lost over 50 pounds on my own by only drinking water & eaten smaller portion of food . I tried it works previously & haven't lost anything

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