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I wanted to place an order through a friend of mine who is a distributor. I told her i just wanted to place 1 order to try a few things.

I also told her i wasnt going to order if i had to be commited to anything as i couldnt afford that. I asked her what the best deals were for what i wanted to order. So she placed my order for me. I received my order very quickly and have no complaints about the product.

What i do have to complain about is what i was TOTALLY unaware until the other day when i called my bank to find out why my credit card keeps getting racked up. I did not agree to sign up and have a so called website when i placed my i said previously I DID NOT WANT A COMMITMENT!!! But since April of 2017, every month till now I just found out that I have been charged $31.05 for a website that i did not want or know I had. So $250.00 to date is what "It Works" has taken from me without me knowing.I contacted the company explaining how i feel so mislead and the fact that I only ordered that one time and there has been no activity since....

and they are NOT WILLING TO DO ANYTHING for me. I am not at all impressed as i probably would have ordered something again at some point...but now I have no respect and nothing good to say about this company. I mean my god $250.00 taken from me and i get nothing out of it....thanks for nothing!!!!!

Very pissed off and I wont be ordering ever again. You lost me as a customer for good now!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Subscription.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I know in America its $20 for a website monthly if you sign up to sale the product. $31.05 is a strange amount to be taken out each month. How did she get your card infromation to add it to the website?


I gave it to her to place my order which that is all i thought it was pay for my one time order at that moment

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