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I was a former loyal member and paid for 4 months. About a year later, I heard the wraps "improved." So, I specially asked for a ONE TIME quote (retail / non loyalty).

I was provided a quote for 137 with shipping. I paid and box delivered. Fun fact, I have sores from their 2x effective 'improvement' so, I was glad I didnt commit to loyalty again. 3p days later, I saw a charge on my account and then received the package that I DID NOT authorize.

My rep made the order (not me) and took payment info over phone. I asked to be removed and paid October as a courtesy. I was CHARGED again in November and am being told that 1 - I will need to pay for shipping and 2 - it will take 3 weeks for total processing time to be refunded for something I DID NOT ORDER. my reps response was that the loyalty cost was 137, but non loyalty was 200.

I said, thats FINE. but, I would have rather paid 200 1x (thats why I asked for a retail / non loyalty quote) instead of 137 3 x + shipping (a whopping 450, of which, only 137 was authorized). Super pissed.

This may be a legit company in the right hands but -- CAUTION TO CUSTOMERS -- PLACE YOUR OWN ORDERS. DO NOT GO THROUGH A REP / PHONE ORDER.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Body Wrap.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Cancel my account, I waited on the phone for 50 minutes and had 9 minutes left when I was disconnected, I am now 59th caller again, cancel my account. I have been sick with pneumonia and have not started the coffee.

Cancel the next order, I do not want anything automatic. Lynn Krauthamer ID # 13799114, I am not good with the computer and am lucky to be able to do this.

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