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I have recently got stuck into purchasing the to go greens from It Works! Just after the first week I was sick and decided that this isn't something I want to do. I tired to cancel but since I was talked into doing the 3 month plan to be considered a "loyal customer" in order to get a better deal in prices.

I just went to the website and tired to cancelled my auto shipment with the company because I no longer want to purchase items that are currently making me very sick. In order to do so I would have to pay a $50 cancellation fee which I think is insane since this was supposed to be a trial period in which I was told I can't cancel since it's hasn't been longer then three months.

This is a scam to get people to spend money and now I am currently stuck with purchasing items I don't even want. At the end of this I am hoping that I am able to cancel my auto-shipment because I don't want to spend money on these terrible products!

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Greens On The Go Blend Berry Supplement.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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This is why you should understand what you are purchasing and the rules. If you buy a car and a day or one week later you decide you don't like the way it drives, you can't take it back.

Research more before saying yes. This is not a scam if you understand what you agreed too


There is truth what you wrote, but you neglect to point out the hard sell pressure tactics their distributors are encouraged to appl to sell their line. A better response would be:

"Yup, the productss aren't FDA approved and yup it's a lot of marketing hype and yup you're going to be pushed hard into buying, but if they can get you to give in, good for them. Swallow hard and learn from it."

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