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I want to share my personal experience as an It Works distributor.I was with the company for about 6 months.

After listening to enough of their "success" stories I finally figured I'd give it a try as a side job for extra income. There's a fee of $99.00 to join. There are many things they don't tell you until after you have already joined. First, if you order products at their discount you will be automatically signed for for 3 months.

If you try to cancel you have to pay a $50 fee. They try to scam people into signing up without telling them the whole story. Then, unless you cancel your subscription after three months, you will continue to receive It Works products forever! Be sure to log in to your online account and cancel and remove all of your payment information or you will be charged for a long time.

Next, you basically have to pay money to earn money. Unless you sell $150 worth of products to customers EVERY month you will not receive your commission. You also have the option of paying $80 every month yourself in order to get commission. Your commission check could be $20.00 yet you would have to pay $80.00 to receive that...pretty ridiculous right?

The distributors teach you how to get others to join your team as a distributor or to get customers by basically lying to them. They tell you to never tell a customer that they are signing them up for three months! They just say you're getting a 40% discount but don't tell you the rest of the terms! If you do decide to sign up as a loyal customer make sure you do it yourself so you know your login information and read the terms and conditions.

If you don't and want to cancel before the three months are up you will be charged $50! Overall, I have spent over $500.00 on products and fees and have only earned $15.00 in 6 months! I earned more a day working a part time job when I was a teen. Next, they don't tell you there's a $20.00 fee every month for your website to work.

That's in addition to the $80.00 so you're commission qualified. Basically, you'll be paying more every month then you'll actually earn. Don't get fooled by their success stories, the more money someone has earned with this company actually means they lied that much better. They teach you to lie to get customers because that's the only way someone will join them.

Their products don't work either. I have tried 8 of their wraps and they have done absolutely nothing. I mean I would understand if one didn't work, but EIGHT? Come on.

Then I tried the cleanse which again did absolutely nothing at all. I tried the Hair,Skin, and Nails vitamins which did nothing to make my hair grow. I would have been better off buying the vitamins at Walmart for $10.00. All the products themselves are made in Mexico from really cheap ingredients.

You have to wonder if they're even safe to use since we all know the water in Mexico is unclean and very dangerous in most places. What are you really putting into your body?! It's kind of a scam that they don't have any reviews on their website don't you think? The only photos they use of their products actually working are ones they created themselves.

You have to ask yourself what kind of company really wouldn't allow their customers to post honest reviews of their products. The kind that just wants your money. Please really think about everything I just mentioned before you join this company as a customer or distributor. It's really unethical and misleading to it's customers and distributors.

If you're reading this, I believe you can find a much better job literally anywhere and make a better living in an honest way where you don't have to lie to people everyday.

Don't waste your time, the only people really succeeding in this company are the ones who know how to lie really well.I think you deserve better.

Review about: It Works Global.

I didn't like: Deception.

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Somehow I ordered a product and now I'm told I have to order for three more months or get charged fifty dollars.I don't remember signing up for that.

The cleanse was 36. Dollars for four little bottles didn't do anything. I would not have knowingly signed up for this type of thing.

I'll have to check my account like one of the above complainants above mentioned.I never signed up as a distributor either.


It literally says when you make an account you select autoship. They don't force that on you, people are just lazy and don't read the information given.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1284768

This is crazy.I am sorry this happened to you.

I kind of was wanting to join because I have 2 people who are on my facebook that are distributors. One keeps trying to get me to join if i pay the $99 then in a few months i can be making thousands of dollars. I am a struggling mother who has very little income and cant work. They are always posting whoever wants a free wrap can comment.

Well i think hey.free. i like free.but oh to get free you have to pay for the $99 package. Its misleading i feel like. And unfair.

They should offer a free wrap if they say free. Not with strings attached. I have turned myself away from wanting anything to do with this company. They make it look so easy and now they are in florida celebrating all from it works money.

It just makes me sick how they say oh this company cares about giving back. Ha. T

Yeah. What about blessing someone like me who is constantly struggling barely able to make ends meet.

Oh but no its all about them.Thank you for opening my eyes even more about the company.

Brentwood, Tennessee, United States #1275292

So 100% true!I wasn't told to lie, but I was also not told that I would have to put out over $100 a month to get less than that back in commission.

I quit after 4 months. The products don't work.

I can attest to that and so can my customers.This was the worst decision I ever made.


You got paired with a bad team apparently.I have been with IWG for 10 months and have never been taught to lie!

Even if they had instructed me to do so, I never would. I am always upfront and honest with my distributors and loyal customers a like and because of this, have been very successful. I have over 300 clients and 30 distributors on my team. To date, I have had only 4 loyal customers leave and it was because they became pregnant.

Everyone else loves the products, as do I. I also make it a point to do giveaways to my clients for their honest testimony on the products and it has gone a long way in helping future or curious individuals get their questions answered. I am no millionaire from the business, but being able to stay home with my kids and still be able to pay my bills has become a reality because I joined and I worked my booty off to educate and self develop myself in every aspect of the company and products. The saying is true, you get out what you put in.

However, in 10 months I have never had to run an autoship to be commission qualified and I have never not been paid. I just worked hard. I am sorry you had this experience but it doesn't speak for the entire company. As stated, my team in total is made up of about 3500 DTs and no one ever speaks of lying and/ or being deceitful in anyway.

Lying gets reviews like yours and then our business goes no where. As my parents always taught me.

Honesty is the best...

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you lie
to DR Dallas, Texas, United States #1288819

so wait...first you say you have over 300 clients and 30 distributors, then you say you have 3500.....

which is it? Or do you not know because you just make it up as you go to sound successful?

And yet we're supposed to believe that you do "giveaways" for "honest testimonials" about products that definitely do not work.Whatever you tell yourself.

Miss Betsy

A distant Facebook friend was ramming these down everyone's throats for over a year - ANNOYING I unfollowed - and I am sure you finally shut up because of what you just described. No one wants your *** whether it be ITWraps,make-up,lotions,pills or powders ! Pity is the reason for most of your beginning sales and that's pitiful !


***.... I love it works

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, United States #1255687

Hey, so I just joined as a distributor not even a week ago and after reading all these reports I want out.I went on my esuite and deleted my billing info, but it won't let me delete my contact info or address.

Am I ok?or should I do something further to ensure I don't get charged or scammed

Kayle Hayes
to Anonymous Mobile, Alabama, United States #1286695

I want out too. I just joined a couple of weeks ago and ended up getting hospitalized and now have doctor bills out the a** and can't afford the auto shipments. Did you have any luck getting out?

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