Palm Bay, Florida

I tried products I had a negative reaction with the medicine I am on, so I could not take the product. When I called to cancel they would not cancel without a doctors note.

They also charged me 50.00 to cancel it is outrageous stay away from this scam. I would have had to pay 150 for a doctor apt to get a letter to save my 50.00. I have placed a dispute with my credit card.

This is a horrible company that if you are not satisfied you should get your money back and be able to stop ship anything. Do not work with this company

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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In the agreement you signed when placing your order it stated there would be a $50 fee. Also, you could have changed the product you were receiving. Also, if you were on medication it is always smart to make sure any other product or OTC would not react negatively to your prescription meds


Sounds like an It Works distributor


Wow!!! Thank u so much for this review.

My friends and I were just about to order this.

Thank God u saved us because I certainly can not afford to throw away this kind of money. Thanks again!


Wow! Me too, thanks for the info!

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