Lehighton, Pennsylvania
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A representative of this company came on a local facebook group saying that It Works was giving away free money to people, but did not mention anything at all about the company or even the name of it! The post literally just said "Free $500 for Christmas!

Who wants some?" which looks really suspicious. I asked for the name of the company, what the company does, and more info on this "giveaway". The representative then sent me several nasty messages about how I was a waste of time, didn't care about people in need who needed that $500, and so on. I never got an answer to my question other than the name of this company.

The messages didn't stop coming so I had to block that person. I then tried to contact someone else at the company about this disgusting treatment and my messages were all unanswered or deleted immediately. This is really suspicious to me. I could find NOTHING about this"giveaway" and having nobody respond to my basic questions is just wrong.

I want to know who I am giving my personal info to before I do it and yet this person attacked me for protecting myself and wanted me to give my information without question. Something isn't right here.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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First of all they aren't suppose to be on those pages. Second they were probably talking about the $500 to hit Ruby.

Sorry they were rude. Some people are just really really rude.


I'm really sorry that you expirenced this. That is not how It Works does business.

They were probably referring to a bonus for new distributors. Again, sorry for such a terrible expirence.

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