Ceres, California
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I saw the infomercial and I was impressed! I figured that it may be a little ERASER type product, so if it failed I would just have a lot more MAGIC ERASERS, and I was right!

It failed to clean the grout on my floors, like it shows on the infomercial! It did help my bathroom grout, however, and did strip a layer of grease off of my microwave! But, knowing this would I have bought this product! Absolutely NOT!!

It really is a disappointing product, and I think it works, just about as good as a MAGIC ERASER! Save your money!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

It Works Cons: It does not work as it shows on tv.

  • It Works Poorly
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May I ask where you watched an infomercial on ItWorks? As they do not do any tv marketing whatsoever.


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