West Chester Township, Ohio
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"it works" and every other get thin quick scheme on the internet is total ***. ladies and gentlemen...

diet and exercise is the only solution!! these people are making tons of money because we are lazy and want a quick fix. Stop lining these thieves pockets with money and get off the couch. my wife thought it was a one time purchase but after the second shipment I discovered you have to sign up for at least 3 shipments before you are able to cancel.

instead of a $75.00 loss this could end up being a $275.00 loss. Where is the better business bureau and SEC on these false claims ????

Reason of review: product and terms misleading very confident you are scamming people i will accept first $75.00 but not 2 additional shipments and any preferred customer fee.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

It Works Cons: Deception, Misleading results and customer requirements, Misleading results and misleading customer requirements.

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I'm curious as to what product you used that disappointed you. Because years and years of exercising and dieting never did a thing for my problem area (my belly) but the combination of the wraps and a healthy lifestyle (ItWorks has never claimed to be a "quick fix" it actually promotes clean eating and a healthier lifestyle.) The combination of both has made an amazing difference in my waistline! I actually fit into jeans I havent been able to wear in years and yes healthier eating helps but when it came to my problem area no amount of planks and sit-up ever made this dramatic a change.


Very dissatisfied! Did not work and I am unable to cancel.

The bottles pile up and I am now broke. My husband is reporting this to the feds!


The BBB and SEC probably read the agreement. If you purchase at retail cost and not at the discounted pricing, you don't have to deal with a 3 month agreement.

All this is explained on their website. No false claims by the company in their terms and conditions everyone likes to skip over.


It should be explained when you sign up (and is also made very clear on the site when you join) that you are signing up for a 3 month commitment of trying at least 1 product for 3 months. We advise 3 months so that you will give your body enough time to be on a product to achieve results.

If you do not complete your 3 month agreement you are charged a 50 membership fee (that which was waived in exchange for agreeing to the 3 months). Not sure how it's costing you 275 dollars...if you broke the agreement your out 50. Which instead of being out could have been used to finish your 3 month agreement where you may have found something that you like. Please don't down the entire company due to the negligence of one person.

I do apologize on that behalf but our products are not a "quick fix" rather an enhancement to your exercise and diet. We in no way tell you that you don't need to have a healthy lifestyle. In fact we prefer if you do have at least somewhat healthy lifestyle because you will get better results that way.

I've seen our products work on myself and family and friends, and this company made over 500 million last year. It most certainly wasn't on products that didn't work.


It most certainly was on products that don't work actually. It is a scam product DESIGNED to make money with no regard to for people's safety. Stop peddling *** and get a real job instead of leaching off friends or family who feel bad for you.

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