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I started out as a loyal customer, I worked out, I used the products and I had results. I figured once I have seen the results I was skeptical about joining and the lady who got me to join we are somewhat friends from around the same small town in which she doesn't live there anymore.

The support was okay, but they wanted you to pretty much quit your job to do this full time. You always had to do a 3-3-3 post everyday and nonstop cold messaging people, adding people you don't even know on your Facebook, IG, etc. It was becoming a nightmare. I wasted more time as a distributor busting my butt for those "bonuses" and earning some good income, but let me tell you something...

I DIDN'T GET ANYWHERE! I busted my butt trying to advertise, be a product of the product, and connecting with strangers, but the paycheck was not even worth the time I was putting into the business. I was only making someone else money. There are products I did not like and others that worked, but they were also a little pricey as well.

The support team would rather lash out at you and make you a prime example of what not to be, they wouldn't allow negativity, always had meetings to attend to online. I have a full time job, I was hoping to get a little extra money on the side with this business and it didn't turn out like it was suppose to. I also was attending college full time and thought that would help me, but we all know college students live paycheck to paycheck and did not get as many hits as I thought I would. The "leaders" would make videos on others who either quit, was struggling, and saying we can do this if we have the right mind.

Well "leaders" I did do it, I busted my butt off for you all and I still got tired of it all because the paycheck was not and still is not worth it. Nobodies success is ever going to be the same, but if God doesn't want it to work out, then it's not for you and I decided it was not for me.

I slowly got away from It Works and noticed right away that once I stopped posting they instantly cut me from their "secret groups" pages, chats and emails. Bottom line: Don't waste your time, money or energy into something that doesn't really pay for itself.

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That is terrible. As a distributor I must say the team you were on did not sound like they represented the company In a positive way.

I am thankful for the team I am on. They let you go at your own pace and many of them still work their regular job too because they have a passion for what they do. I'm sad to read about this experience. I already used the products so I joined to make money because I was already sharing this with people.

Your upline was the problem. Don't let that one team ruin your experience with It Works. Sorry you went through that, I apologize for them because that was definitely uncalled for on their part. I am glad the products work for you though.

This is an at YOUR pace business. If it takes me 10 years to reach a certain rank then that's what it's going to take. My team checks on us to see how we are doing and they don't even mention posts or work.

Again, I apologize for the experience you had. -TravelingGreens


As I can see you did a lot of things wrong. #1 don't cold message you need to build relationships.

I train my team differently. I'm a triple diamond. My highest check has been $8,000 and my team grows and makes money when they do what I teach them. You obviously didn't have a good leader to stand behind you and show you how to make money.

I made $37,000 my first year and $55,000 my second. It is hard work, but I did it. I was working full time as a paralegal and office manager to a very large criminal law firm in miami while high volume clients and it was stressful.

Sorry this happened to you but it's not happening to my team or to me. Wish you luck in whatever your doing now.



Sounds like we had the same "leaders" that questioned my loyalty and my drive. I so wanted to tell them to F off. I wish you the best with everything!


I'm sorry the leader you had didn't help you. Some join and don't care about their team.

All I can say is I do and I make sure my team is successful and get the help they need. Xoxo


I love this and am glad I read it! I would like to tell my whole team or I should say upline to F off!

I am struggling with 5 kids, my husband lost his job also so we don't always have the money to be a product of the product but I too put a lot of time and effort into building relationship, posting live videos, posting, cold messaging, adding followers only to get the "well not everyone is a rockstar" from

My leader who I sincerely liked and thought she had my best interest but now won't respond to me because I've lost my customers and distributors because I hit tough times. The integrity of this company makes me cringe. Half of these young mama's who sit in their pj's and spit out kids don't even know about the product or that it could harm someone!! Ugh!!

I'm so done! I'm embarrassed I pulled my family and friends on this train!

Negative? Maybe..but wouldn't you be if you were preyed upon and lied to??


I have someone now trying to get me to try it. I am in no way interested in selling.

I don't want it to lead to that either because I will flat out shut them down. I just want to know if the product delivers results.

Does It Works really work? LOL OR should I just avoid it altogether?


Take it from someone who's been there and knows, just protect yourself and avoid it altogether. You're better off finding literally any other job.

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