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Everyone pretends they make so much money with It Works! and "the products sell themselves!!!" and they use a bunch of stupid emojis..

the products do NOT sell themselves because there's 200,000 people all trying to sell the crap on Facebook. Half the time they don't even try to sell you the products they just try to get you to sign up so they make their little bonus from you giving It Works! your entry fee. PYRAMID SCHEME !!!!

Their products are not good and "weight loss wraps" do not work.

Real science has shown that just because you're sweating doesn't mean you are burning belly fat.

It's all absolute garbage. Do not fall into their trap of becoming a distributor.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

It Works Cons: Losing friends, Family blocking me on facebook, Losing money, Angry friends, Filing taxes and crying.

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The wraps aren't for weight loss, they're to tone and tighten your skin.And are you seriously blaming It Works for how your friends/family reacted to you trying to push the products? Seriously?

It Works has no control over your friends or family; either they're a bunch of petty jerks for getting mad at you, or it's your fault for how you went about pushing the products. They also have no influence over the tax-filing process.


Hey Spencer! I was sold the body wraps as a way to lose belly fat while not having to work out which apparently wasn't true.

That "crazy wrap thing" didn't tighten my skin either.Pretty sure the poster was making a joke about filing taxes and realizing how much money he or she lost.I, too, fell victim to becoming a distributor because my "friend" was "trying to help me out." But it wasn't a great thing at all. I gave away samples and almost no one was interested. I rented a booth at my busy gym in Las Vegas and only lost money that day.

I was later told the best way to make money was to recruit other sellers which I didn't want to do.I even had it plastered all over my car! Embarrassing.

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