Pittston, Pennsylvania
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Had a bad experience with it works. I called and told them about the auto shipment that I did not know that I was on.

Due to the fact that someone had sign me up for it and never told me that I was on the Loyalty program. I tried to call and inform them about it but I realize that something wasn't right when another package came in the mail. The guy was very ignorant and rude to me I tried to explain to him that I had an auto immune deficiency and that I could no longer take this product to the fact that it made me sick, going to the bathroom more than I normally would go.If anyone knows about having an autoimmune deficiency you wouldn't know that having such difficulties is not a pretty thing anyway. I explain to the guy that I no longer wanted this product he kept trying to push and push and push more products on me.

I explained to him that all I wanted to do was to send the product back and be reimbursed my money and to be pleased taking off this Auto shipment and to close my account. He kept telling me that I would not receive my money back for the product and then I will be charge a $50 fee I had no clue that I was going to charge a $50 fee.

It was not told to me then he began to be really rude and not want to hear anything that I had to say I will never buy this product again and anyone who says that this is a shame it is and it is truly false advertisement because they did not inform anyone that if they have such diseases or disabilities such as diabetes Crohn's irritable bowel syndrome or any other disabilities that may cause you to run to the bathroom other than your normally they should warn you or have some kind of guidelines on how you should use it. It works yes it really works when they're taking the money like leeches out of your *** pockets.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Greens Supplement.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

It Works Pros: When they kept pushing there products on me.

It Works Cons: How they have control over your money, Misleading results and customer requirements, Deception.

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As a distributor I tell my clients to check with their Dr. Before taking anything.

As a person with medical problems I also know not to take anything without clearing it with my doctor 1st. This goes both ways. You should have checked with your Dr before taking it.

We do not claim that our products help with any illnesses in any way shape or form. Sorry you were misinformed by someone who is not running their company right


extremely sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I work for the company.

feel free to ask any questions I'll do my best to help out! Have a great day!


can you get her the money back she lost and cancel the $50 cancellation fee? That would be a great start!

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