Auburn, California
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So mad! I ordered a lip and eye product from a friend and it didn't work.

She said i can change the product but I'd have to obligate to 3 months auto-ship.

Well, i could never figure out the site to change my order and i got stuck with 3 months of eye stuff that doesn't even work! On top of that i edited my autoship date or so i thought and apparently per my friend i had to push save changes 2 times and didn't so it just overdrafted my account $ MAD!

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Cream.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Nice friend!


I don't understand, so you claim that you edited your auto-ship date but yet you couldn't figure out how to change the product? Its done in the same location of where the auto ship is edited. I'm very sorry that your experiences with It works were not pleasant and I truly believe that this is one of those case's where your distributor should have offered to help you.

@Happy Wrap Girl

Yeah, I didn't have that option on the phone and when I asked many times for help I was told do this and that but apparently did it wrong, i asked her to do it for me and was told to call the company I did that and waited on hold for 20 minutes and hung up. The product doesn't work at all either.

Such a scam ......I tried to do it all via my phone and it just didn't work like with a computer.


Then your friend either didn't want to help you or didn't know what she was doing. I change orders for my customer all of the time or walk them through the process on their account.

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