Pompano Beach, Florida

I started this in March and wanted to cancel in May. They told me I had to finish my three months worth of orders.

April+May+June= 3 months. However in August, September, and twice in November I have been charged. This is over a hundred dollars that I have been conned out of, plus in August September and November I have not recieved a single product that I am "paying" for.


Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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The company has literally grown so rapidly in the past two years, that there are a lot of poorly trained Distributors as a result. Each individual is ultimately responsible for learning their business and marketing appropriately; however, customers are equally responsible for knowing what they are buying.

The $50 membership fee is waived with three consecutive autoshipments. This means the DT signing you (putting your information into their downline system) should be telling you what you are getting, your first order is just that. Then you go to three consecutive months of any product of your choosing to receive, knowing that will be automatically withdrawn from the card you put on file. You are able to switch products each month, but it is up to you to login to your account or contact your enrolling DT to make any changes.

What most DT's should also tell loyal customers is that at four months, free shipping kicks in. At 6 months, 50 reward points to use ($50).... And at a year of being enrolled and accepting 12 consecutive autoshipments, 150 reward points ($150) to use to purchase products.

I know about shady, *** up lines because my on is exactly that way. Raids people's friends lists, doesn't fully disclose information and it just makes the rest of us look bad.

Sorry your experience has been less than impressive, the products do work and the company itself is great. Just a few bad apples get in and spoil it for others.


This is a copy and paste response from other reviews.


This is a copy/paste and doesn't even address why she is still getting charged AFTER her 3 months and canceling!!!


Wow! I'm so glad I read all of these reviews before ordering!

I was just about to purchase but decided I would look into it further! Thank you all for the info!


I agree it's a scsm


This is not a scam. You have the ability to turn off your autoshipment at any time.

If you signed the loyal customer agreement and cancel before the 3 months, you will be charged our $50 loyal customer enrollment fee. If you were aware of this when signing up, it should not be a problem.


So why is she still getting charged AFTER her 3 months and canceled? And WHY is she not receiving any products?

She is getting charged and not being shipped anything!

This has SCAM written all over it! Did you not read her story?!

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