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IQOR is getting very bold with its Telephone Calls that are intended to harass consumers or Former Costomers of Rogers Cable. These employees of iQor are not following iQor's online website commitment to; 1. The 3 Point Cunsumers Pledge. 2. Code Of Conduct. 3. Consumers Rights.

We are trying not to have a predjudice towards iQors staff members but we are having trouble understanding why they (iQor) are so persistant with these unwanted phone calls we get Every Day.

We are trying not (with much effort) to not take things personal, but are having difficuties with this.

Our posting of these photos on this website are not without due thought, however they have been made availabe at We have been resisting doing this but are now at a point where we are trying to make our point clear. We hope the harassing phone calls stop to people in the 613 area code. All of us are hoping we will not post the photo of IQOR.COM's CEO Vikas Kapoor next.

IQor we beg you for a "TRUCE". Please don't push this any further without knowing what going on!

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I would like to know how this is legal? We are not in arrears with any of our accounts and I am getting fed up with these pre recorded phone calls. Why can't the law do anything about this?
I keep getting calls from iqor canada but they don't know why. They don't even have my number on file. They keep telling me to call my service provider and ask if theres another number on my phone line. There ins't. Here's the email addy of the manager in Nwe York., They really don't care.
I've been calling people on past due bills for 25 years. I have never disrepsected the person I was calling. However, I'm a northerner and I will state the facts when I see them. 9 times out of 10, we will pull a credit report. 8 times out of 10, the consumer I'm calling is living above their means. Maybe because at one time they had a great job and lost it, then went to work for a lower paying employer. Well if that were me, I would have down sized as much as possible so I could pay my bills. Including medical bills if I had to. So many people think they can keep up with the Jones even though they can't afford it. There is nothing wrong with having less and downsizing for the time being. I did it and had to rebuild my credit. I learned from my mistakes and now I'm proud of the things I accomplished. Maybe some people don't think paying their bills (even the smallest one) is important. If that is the case then you can expect the calls to continue. I'm just saying!!!!
Anti-SC Consumer (there you go
To be honest I'm not here to bash anybody EITHER or make you think twice?.... But to be honest WITH YOU, if half your reps. were MORE CURTIOUS, customers WOULD pay their bill's on time you would't have to HARASS anyone YOU'VE called, then you also won't have to worry about your "Sick Job" being the ONLY THING YOU HAVE!.... SO YOU JUST STOP WITH THE B.S, KEEP UP THE HARASSMENT, THEN YOU WON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THE ANNOYING SPOUSE... CAUSE HALF YA'LL REPS. BE LYING ABOUT NOT HAVING A GOOD JOB TO PAY YOUR BILLS.... DUH, CAUSE YOU DON'T THINK YOU MAY BE WRONG,-, JUST EVERYONE ELSE IS!
SC Consumer
To be honest I'm not here to bash anybody or make them feel bad.... But to be honest if half you customers pay your bill's on time you won't have to worry about anyone calling you, then you also won't have to worry about your account going into collections.... JUST STOP WITH THE B.S PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME, THEN YOU WON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THE ANNOYING PHONE CALLS... CAUSE HALF YA'LL CUSTOMERS BE LYING ABOUT NOT HAVING THE MONEY TO PAY, THEN ASK WHY YOUR BILLS ARE SO HIGH.... DUH CAUSE YOU DON'T PAY THEM THAT'S WHY THERE SO HIGH.
I'm getting harassed by Iqor, a call a day for a bill they say I owe Bell/Aliant. We I call Bell/Aliant and they have NO records of me. NO account for me and they CANNOT find any account for me. So I talk again to Iqor and they have no proof for me just saying I owe money... it's b.s. coming out of an incompetent immigrant and they refuse to remove my telephone number from their auto-dialer.
they seem to be very reluctant to back off, even though the "debt" was cancelled, in writing, and they were supposedly notified, in writing of this last month.

but my real question to them is, have they damaged my credit rating with their *** incompetence? (calling on "accounts" that are cancelled is proof enough of bungling.) and whether or not they have, should i take them to small claims court to obtain proof that they have not?

legal fees and punitive damages may not add up to much in small claims court, but i'm sure their president won't like it, and won't be in a big hurry to repeat the experience.
iQor the EyeSore Hater
To: Human, on 24-02-2010 11:53
You're So Right iQor ***!
Thanks For Your Support!!!
iQor sucks!
Ottawa Consumer
Hello Graendal/25-10-2009 23:46
Yeah Whatever. I PAY MY BILLS because I get my incentives based on MY record of
loyally paying bills that deserve payment! How does iQor base their incentive programs? The more collection that goes through your account, the more rude you think you can get with these consumers. So now let me correct you! Actually, it doesn't matter now (any more) about your harassing phone calls. Why? Well lets talk about this thing called responsibility. Does Rogers Cable look responsible in the eyes of our local TV Channels? Face It, it's a bunch of bugs you've inherited from them that's what your fighting for by trying to intimidate people into paying for them. Well, you don't scare us or the CRTC at all. They will listen to the reasons why some bills weren't payed, where as you (iQor), WON'T!
Goodness gracious, you people ***. You can keep calling with your harrassing phone calls until the cows come home, because phones don't even ring when you call now, they just log the calls! You'll never get a cent, so keep wasting your time! So, Good Luck, and put that in your pipe and smoke it!

PS. You admitted to making harassing phone call. How bright is that?

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