Wichita, Kansas
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INEXPERIENCED STAFF DAMAGED MY CAR. The assistant manager was looking for a place to plug in a diagnostic tool and, in looking for it, forced off my console, damaging it. The plug for the diagnostic tool was no where near where John was looking for it, and there was no need to remove the console, let alone force it out of place. The asst manager was BOTH IGNORANT AND NEGLIGENT. When I confronted the manager about it, he was belligerent, and he would not acknowledge that it was damaged even though the asst manager confessed that he forced the console out if its place (and then jammed it back into place). The manager would not replace the console, nor did he offer compensation of any kind.

On top of this, another of their employees clearly lacked knowledge about how to diagnose my battery (the reason for my visit), which was 9 months old and was draining if I would leave the car in the garage for a couple of days. He kept going in and out of the store for tools or advise from others. He ended up determining that he needed to swap my battery with a loaner so they could do a diagnostic test (requiring me to come back for a second visit). When the manager finally got involved, he attached a diagnostic tool (took about 5 seconds) and found that the car was using current even when the car was shut off. So, after about 45 minutes of this other employee bumbling around, the diagnosis took 5 seconds!

How can you run a BATTERY business with people who don't know how to diagnose a battery-related problem and who would sloppily handle the valuable property of their customers?

Product or Service Mentioned: Interstate Batteries Battery.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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James P

Very sorry to hear this. I'd like to investigate this further with both you and the store.

Could you please email us at socialmedia@interstatebatteries.com? Thanks!

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